Time Out For Fun!



Hippies, punk rock, and blogging.

All three have become victims of their successes. What starts as something organic and natural at some point morphs into something bigger with analytics, expectations, and worse; the desire for perfection. You can make money at it! You can be the best.

You see, I watch the posts of my peers and read how they are struggling like me. They do not know what to write. They are to busy. Nothing seems perfect.

This actually seems to be the reason that blogging started? To write about yourself and your issues. To not be perfect.

Somewhere out there, Miriam R. Blanchard, a now crazy cat lady and the worlds first blogger is shaking her fists every time she reads such a post. For her fodder is what she wrote about. Long before you had to place every picture in the perfect spot and before you had to optimize your keywords for maximum web hitability.

I am trying to do better, Ms. B.

Sometimes I just have to stop and not be so serious. Have a little fun. Realize that not everything will be top-notch.

Sometimes I just have to stop and notice others in my world. Such as MY own poor cat. Tucked into bed and waiting for me to stop pacing the hallways with my problems.

Sick With Worry

Sick With Worry

Can I guarantee an instant change…nope! But as long as I am working on improvement then I am doing alright.

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Noise to Note! #65

I have always enjoyed Beck and his music. In the past, his music has seemed off. Like a conversation with a person with mental illness on the side of a privately owned convenience store.

But Beck seems to have found his meds and the music is now dreamy and coherent.

Maybe it is called maturing.

Beck – Morning.


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Noise to Note! #64

Ska music is lively and upbeat. So it is kind of funny that some of the members of Fun Boy Three (a band with the 3 fun guys and a small orchestra) are from well-known ska band, The Specials. They decided to turn the pulse rate down to about -0 for most of their performances. How ever, even a comatose singer can not stop the music!

Also, if you want to be a singer of a band; you should practice what makes a great singer a next level singer. Robert Plant could sing several parts at once in his Led Zep songs. And the singer of Fun Boy Three has learned another secret of greatness – teleportation!

Sadly, the audience never caught on that he was now just behind them singing away!

So…here is The Fun Boy Three doing Our Lips Are Sealed.

Another interesting factoid is that the singer, Terry Hall, discovered Bananarama and helped launch their career.

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Noise to Note! #63

Robert Plant whipped out some solo hits and proved he could create solid music without his other famous band mates. This was one of his stronger efforts on the solo front.

This video also amuses me to a degree and it showcases the issues older artists run into while trying to seem relevant.

I can imagine the meeting with the producer and the guy pitching that the video has to be relevant to the kids! For MTV! So we have to find a dance squad to work in to the video and we have to show the band doing a choreographed segment. ZZ-Top is doing it so we should too!

The Middle Eastern parts, in my opinion, feeds into the overall feel of the song but the kids break dancing was kind of out-of-place. Especially to Robert Plant and not an artist that was featured on the song track to Beat Street.

On another note, the passing of an old friend threw off my posting of last weekends schedule. As always, I have written about 20 versions of my feelings. Mainly because his situation seems to be so common these days.

It will come.

Until I can make some sense of the topic, here is this weeks pick and it is from Robert Plant – In the Mood.

Revel in the beauty of the song and enjoy the hot mess of a video!

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The Return to Canoa Quebrada – Hit and Miss!

Beautiful beach at Canoa Quebrada

Beautiful beach at Canoa Quebrada

If you have done some traveling; I think you will get this post. That is because sadly sometimes your very enjoyment of something will eventually lead to the downfall of the very thing you were enamored with.

For 5 years, I have been visiting Canoa Quebrada in Ceara state in Brazil. Not even just one time a year – several times! Our favorite restaurant is on Main Street and we have enjoyed staying at several fine pousadas.

So what changed it on this trip you ask? Well, let me give you the 411!

Some Background

Stores on Broadway

Stores on Broadway

Canoa has always been a tourist town. So you expect some of the downfalls of a town based upon tourism. However, in the past the climate seemed tolerable. Within the past year or so, the changes have ramped up quickly.

Like any tourist area, there will always be people coming in to cash in on the tourists. This has lead to the expansion of the town itself. Our pousada had a friendly atmosphere but it was far from Broadway and we had to drive into town which we have never done before. The scary thing is that construction could be seen in the distance meaning more and more growth.

Our pousada was at the end of civilization.

Our pousada was at the end of civilization.

Building and building.

Building and building.

Life at the Beach!

To me, you visit the beach to relax. I love sitting at the table, eating some crabs and going for a swim. I am not crazy about telling a vendor every 5 minutes that I do not want a fine painting or some cheap sunglasses. There hardly seems to be a break in the assault and when it does happen, it is because they are assembling a large group to sweep through the tourists like a swarm of bees.

You can also meet another annoying person. He would be the toll collector of a public parking area. Instead of doing something more worthy such as selling an actual product; this local wino spends his day flagging in cars to spots that they can pull into themselves. The man also says that he is watching the cars but any gang of 10 year old kids could quickly over power him.

The Other Side

On my first draft of this post, I basically just spilled out all of the negatives about Canoa Quebrada. I then decided to just really think about the entire aspect of the town from the perspective of someone has not spent 5 years there.

Many privately owned restaurants line the main strip. Great food and atmosphere!

Many privately owned restaurants line the main strip. Great food and atmosphere!

The town still has wonderful restaurants to eat in and a good atmosphere. If you avoid the barracas and find a nice quiet area, I am sure you can enjoy the beach. The beach is beautiful and scenic and the famous sand dunes are still intact amazingly since they are assaulted daily by dune buggies riding tourists around.

This is why one comes to Canoa Quebrada!

This is why one comes to Canoa Quebrada!

Moving onwards!

For my next series of non-surfing related articles, I am going to pass along some new places that we found in Ceara that are worthy of praise.

We found 2 pousadas that are opposites in some respects yet both focus on creating a great experience. These two made a great trip excellent!

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Eric Geiselman has Lots of Friends!

I always enjoy posting vids and adding my thoughts about the subject, the break, or the performance. This video is no exception.

The star is Eric Geiselman. Eric is an excellent surfer with a progressive bag of tricks. He seems to fare reasonably well in contests too.

For whatever reason, our area seems to a bad trend. We have excellent surfers but they never seem to reach the pedestal they deserve. In the long run, you tend to see the Big Fish in the Small Pond mentality set in.

Instead of grinding it out and trying to get into the WCT, the local pros become heroes at winning the small local pro contests.

Beyond Eric and his obvious talent, when you watch the video you will begin to see brown shapes in the water during the drone shots. Those folks are our famous sharks. They litter the lineup like giant toothy piles of seaweed.

So what it is like surfing with sharks all over the place?

Well, you always have to be careful. I mean, they are sharks! And it can be offsetting as well. You are concentrating on surfing and something pops up in front of you and it throws you off. But you get used to it the best you probably can.

For how many sharks migrate to the inlet, it would seem like it would be a blood bath ala some movie from the Sci-Fy Channel. Oddly enough, it does not seem to work out that way. However, the surf will pick up and the water will become murky and the overly excited sharks will bite someone on the foot. You know this. So you try not to do like the other surfers do like walk around in the break or not immediately get back on your board.

So enjoy and please do not adopt our nonchalant attitude if you live in Santa Cruz or Africa!

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The Zoo

I left my home zoo to visit my old zoo and I should have probably stayed at home.

Here is a vid from the real zoo, New Smyrna Beach which is right across the inlet and has a 20 to 1 shark ratio over Ponce Inlet.

Video by Patrick Wieland. Surfers include the Geiselmans, Aaron Cormican, and Eros Exorhou, who is an upcoming talent from Ponce.

Big ups to Patrick for entering the water this time of year!

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