Noise to Note! #74

Another cover!

Dessa doing her rendition of I’m Going Down. Which of course is from Bruce Springsteen.

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Noise to Note! #73

Wowzers! 73 plus weeks of putting music on my site on the weekends.

So today I looked at my long list of the songs I have put on Noise to Note! A varied list indeed. World music, reggae, punk, electronic, old wave, and rock. Some are new artists and some are from the 1960s.

I also thought about the songs themselves. Some have been on the list for a long time but get edged out by another song. I drive home from work very late at night and sometimes I am dead set on putting on The Year of the Cat for example and then I remember a song from The Hoodoo Gurus and that goes on for the week and the folk classic goes back into the files locked deep in my cranium.

Big Audio Dynamite…Now is your time to shine! Passed over week by week, month by month, it is time to put up this song from this great band.

Big Audio Dynamite – Medicine Show.

Some history on Big Audio Dynamite.

Mick Jones left The Clash and later formed Big Audio Dynamite. The band were early leaders at combining rock music with reggae and using sampling. Joe Strummer also briefly lent his hand on one of their albums.

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Dream World – Part 2

Florida is in a pretty great location geographically speaking. Most of the state suffers from cold water just like many other places do around the world during the winter. Except for the southern part of the state and beyond…

A mere boat trip away lies the Bahamas and gems waiting for a cold front to push waves across the reefs.

A second video of a spot that Cory and Shea Lopez found.

Video by Dylan Palmer.

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Noise to Note! #72

Relationships are work. However, for as much work as there is; enjoyment should be in the mix as well and sometimes we lose sight of this and get involved with people who drain us out.

Thankfully I have moved beyond this.

Santa Monica from Everclear:

And to my buddy Mullet Killer:

What kind of beach is that supposed to be in California? Inside a bay maybe or a beach in Texas??

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From the Scrapbook #4



The swell was missing the point but even minus the waves; this spot was a place that I knew was special. It was well worth the long hike to reach it.

ps_2014_12_04___11_57_29I was maybe 14 when this was taken. The board was a dog but it got me going on the junk.

A favorite break on Maui.

A favorite break on Maui.

The main spot is not even in this picture. The bay is special though.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

ps_2014_12_04___13_21_18I was around 17 when this was taken. This picture will pop up in my next post about a poor teaching method that surf schools are guilty of. It has to do with my front arm and my chest and how it is aligned to the wave. It does not take a genius to guess what it is.


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Noise to Note! #71

And what it all boils down to
Is that no one’s really got it figured out just yet.

We are all on a journey to figure out our lives and who were are.

Some things contradict.

Some are in varying degrees.

Alanis Morissette – Hand in my Pocket.


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Noise to Note! #70

I was going to put up the happier remix but decided on the original. Sometimes changing the music takes away from the mood the artist was trying to convey.

Like taking a Hank Williams song and making it a dance song. The message gets convoluted.

Susie Suh and R. Koch – Here With me.


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