Noise to Note! #57


We all go through all sorts of twists and turns.

I have a back up of half-written works. Most are churned out and then I read them:

To repetitive

To preachy

To boring

Well…it will sort itself out.

Until then, here is Noise to Note!

This is my salute to my adoptive homeland which I may be visiting soon.

CeU – Bubuia.


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Noise to Note! #56

Some bands can be so catchy!


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Noise to Note! #55

Whoever recorded this should have edited it a bit better (it continues to a second song with no volume)…but the first song is gold.



Sunday Morning Coming Down – The Man in Black.

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More Wakesurfing!

So a short time ago, I posted this vid of me trying wakesurfing. The video was probably my second or third time on one and it was a bit odd for me.

Week after week, my friend Adam would call me to either check out some boards to demo and later to ride the demo board on the lake. Some were just way to small. Others were off. The fins were not what we wanted or the rails felt like they made the board catch or push water.

Finally, we found a decent board and then we started to wrap our heads around what we were doing.

So to provide a yard stick to measure the changes, here is the first video of our second excursion. Note rail digging and lack of real turns.

Now a month and a half or so has rolled on by and here is my latest short ride:

I do have to admit to one thing from my session today. I lost my marbles. I was being pulled and I was waiting for the water depth to increase so the wake would improve. Well, it must have because the wake started looking like a little wave at the inlet. I could only do one thing and that was to go into a nice bottom turn and then ride straight up into the little lip.

For a moment, I forgot that I was on a lake.

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Noise to Note! #54

Sorry to slack, Scott!

Friends of P – The Rentals

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Time Gone By




I logged into my account and saw a strange icon in the notification section and opened it. Basically it stated that The Side Wedge just turned three years old and congratulations!

Three years ago on a June morning, I was a person who was not very happy. In fact, I would say that I was confused and desperate. I was unemployed and job lead after job lead was going nowhere. I was going to interviews. Sometimes 4 or 5 at the same company. Meeting one person on the chain of command after another. Only to get to the end and to get second place.

So I even tried to just apply for a simple job with the same awful results.

You need to be applying for this other job…the manager job; not the entry-level job! This resulted to the same long cycle of interviews and then nothing.

That morning in June three years ago, I just stopped myself and sat on the floor. The anniversary of the passing of my mother came and went. I was completely lost. But for once, I thought to myself in regards to what would make me happy. Of course, surfing came into the picture. Then I thought about how much I loved to write. I started searching around the internet and came up with the idea of creating a blog. I researched the sites and concluded that WordPress was the way to go.

So I entered the world of blogging. At first I posted only a few times and stopped. I was still searching for employment and I had a hard time creating a post that meant something to me. I was worried more about what people would think. The result was that I had some views and then zero views for several months after that. Then I began to think about myself and my life and experiences. I could just regurgitate what was going on in the surfing world or I could write things from my perspective. So I knuckled down and wrote what made me happy and ended the year with 318 whopping views! I know…amazing stats!

So what has this whole experience done for me?

Well, I did get to write a guest post for another site which was great! Has it brought money or anything like that? Nope. But I have met a lot of great people and it has made me enjoy writing even more.

When an artist picks up his paint and canvas, he does not think to himself what will make him the most money. He does what makes him feel something. What happens beyond that is its own entity.

So here is to another year of pounding the keyboard!



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When I lived in Hawaii, Summer meant something different. The North Shore would wind down and the South Shore would crank up. Being on the west side, we picked up both swells, though the south ones would be weaker for us.

Florida is a different story all together.

Last year, summer was not so bad. The Bermuda High set up in a nice spot and the swells came in. A few weeks ago, we actually had a decent shot of surf. The waves were breaking beyond the end of the public jetty which means it has some size.

Then this. Days and days of micro surf.


Just across the inlet is perhaps the most consistent surf on the East Coast of the United States. So people flocked there for some real surf!

desperationI stole this photo from my buddy, JT from!

Bon Voyage Everyone!

Costa Rica! California! El Salvador!

All places I will not be visiting anytime soon. While my buddies have flights booked and are ready to get some real surf in.

Sometimes doing the right thing is terrible for you.

A few years back I was the first person in my company to be layed off. I mean, there were lots of us who were layed off during those three days but before my company was bought out; the owners never layed anyone off ever. The new owners did not agree with that philosophy. So right smack in the economic down turn; I was chucked out on the streets.

Finding employment did not turn out the way I planned either. So I have been going through some difficult times trying to regain my way. So I am stuck. Not happy but not letting things get me down.


The surf forecast has just improved.

They are predicting 3 days of waves up to waist high!!!

Look for me on the Surfline cam. There will be a 11th guy in the desperation picture! Groveling on a board that is far to old and needs to be replaced yet happy to be in the water.

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