The Finatic Program from The Surf Warehouse

My buddy Scott is a great surfer. At Ponce Inlet, he just kills the place on his backhand. The funny thing is that Scott is just a “no frills” kind of guy. He rides a standard shortboard and uses standard FCS G-5 fins. I have never seen the guy put in the newest super-foiled cambered fins into his quadruple concave speed fish. So imagine my surprise the day that Scott told me about the Finatic program from The Surfboard Warehouse.

You can get the newest fins or you can get boring G-5's. Then you too will be ripping like Scott!

The Finatic program is a great idea that can really help out a person in their never-ending quest to find the fins that suit their board and their surfing.  The premise is simple enough:

  1. First you go to the Surfboard Warehouse website which is
  2. Then you sign up of course. Currently, the fee is very low to sign up. Just under $10 U.S.D..
  3. From there you pick out the 3 styles of fins that interest you the most. They have FCS (Fin Control System), Future Systems, and Kinetik Racing Systems fins on offer.
  4. Then they send you the fins and you try them out. When you are done, you send them back and they send you the next set.
  5. Also, just so you know, if you break the fins…well, you will get dinged for it.

All in all, it is a good program to help you find the fins that you enjoy without spending a small fortune. Check it out!

Currently this program is only for surfers in the United States.

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Welcome to The Side Wedge! The Side Wedge is a product of the journey through life of Steve Zima. Former professional surfer, a writer, surf coach, and hospitality manager. This is a collection of travel tips, motivation, and stories from my past. Finally, I offer surf coaching through The Side Wedge. Please feel free to contact me with questions if you want to improve your performance today! Thanks for reading!
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