King Kelly Creates a Crowd

On, there was a thread in the surf forum in regards to one surfers ability to find which break was the best and he was scoring super fun waves while the rest of the residents of Florida were surfing 2 foot dribble. Every day after flailing around in slop, you could go on to 2ndlight and see photos of the aforementioned surfer and a handful of his buddies scoring perfect peeling lines…almost like he had a stash of photos he took at Malibu when it was 2 feet that he keeps just to post on his website. Well, people want him to give up the goods and reveal his secrets and his car is probably bugged with some form of GPS device.

All of this brought me back to the very late 1980’s/early 90’s, when a certain young man had the ability to literally take some poor break located behind a run down hotel and turn it into New Smyrna Beach.

One day, we were surfing at Sebastian Inlet and much to our surprise comes Kelly paddling into the line up. We are all trading off waves and it is not bad at all. Then Kelly says to us, “Hey, I know this place and it is better than here!” So we all go in and follow him back north into Melbourne. We pull off this road and go down this trail through the Palmetto bushes and there in front of us are fun peeling waves with three people out. We are stoked!

A few days later I go by this place and the cars are lined up down the street. What happened to our secret spot?? So we are out surfing with half of Melbourne Beach which really drops the excitement factor. Well, in case you can’t see the writing on the wall, a month later he tells of us of another spot and this place goes back to being a ghost town.

I can think of a few spots that he made popular back then that now are a distant memory. Remember a spot called Florida’s Choice? Probably not. It was once located in a field and now this once regal break is located back behind a wall of condos.

So Kelly has left us and traded in finding goofy beach breaks for surfing Rincon and Snapper Rocks. Now we are left with Mr. Wavecaster who unlike Kelly will never give up the goods. So I am writing this and attaching an adhesive to the back of this GPS device…maybe it may go under someone’s bumper!

Check your car Mole!

If you want to see photos of waves that are better than where you surfed, check out his surf report page at:

Thankfully, his forecasting skills are excellent so you can be prepared to make a poor attempt at finding a spot as good as where he is going to surf on that day.


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