The More You Win – The Less You Will Get??

The Winning Team!!

The New League’s Compensation Plan

Hello! Glad to meet you! I am the new chairmen of the National Sports League. We have been very impressed with your performance in the minor leagues. So here is the story and tell me how this sounds to you! We hope you like our generous offer because we really want you to join our league!

First, if you seem to be a team that is showing promise, our plan is to load up your hometown with events. The local businesses I am sure will be pleased. We have spoken to them about contributing sponsorship dollars with the result being an improvement to your performance level. In fact, you do not even have to win a title…just do well!

If you reach the elite level, we will still push your team and we will invest in your local youth so they too can make a move to work for that next level. We are planning to move all of our companies to your location as well! We really want to get that added support from the fans. This is a huge win-win for everyone!

Now let’s say you win a world championship…How about 8, or even 11 of them…Well, we have big plans for you! First we will shower your team with the big bucks. Now comes the best part! Our plans involve stripping your area of local events. We really want to stifle any upcoming talent from developing in your local community. Don’t worry though…we will erect a statue of your team!


I really think most people would get up and leave. Maybe the better response would be to kick me square in the junk! Well, as lame as this sounds, once again I shall report that this is our situation in Florida.

The Past

Let me rattle off some names. The Sundek Classic, Aloe Up Cup, The Excalibur Cup, The Wave Wizards Event, The O’Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro, The Stubbies Surf Trails, The Florida Pro, and many other events run by circuits such as The ASP-East. Sure I left some out because there are more. That is because at one time, good old Florida actually had a presence in the surfing world. When I was a grom, I spent some time with guys like Rabbit Bartholomew, Larry Bertleman, Peter Townend, and Shaun Tomson. They were here because they wanted to surf in the events and they could make money here.

We Are the Champions!

I thought of this the other day. What happens to a city when their team wins a world championship? I never thought that the local area took a hit and went into a decline! Well, we have an 11 time world champion from Florida and surfing is in a major slump here. I must clarify, it is not due to the talent level of the surfers. There is just a lack of resources for them to get the ball rolling unless they are surfing at a level that would equal Evan Geiselman.

Third World Sadness

I have spoken about this before in other forums and now that I have my soap box, I am stepping up on to it!

It is funny how here in the United States, we blame our crappy economy for our problems. My surf shop, The Radical Wave*, has not reached the sales quotas (that are raised every year) that were set during the last few years when sales were at an all time high. Sure we are making a lot of money…We are just not surpassing our goals. Thus, we are failing so we can not help to sponsor any events in the area. We need to get ourselves through this dark time by selling as much expensive surf gear to surfers as we can!

Poor guy!

Now let’s look at the other parts of the world. South Africa and the rand have never been doing to great but yet, they have surf clubs and club events and surf contests galore! They have Master Pro events for ye olde timey pros to go out and make a few bucks. Life is grand in good old economically depressed South Africa.

Here is their calendar and you can also see they are a firm part of the International Surfing Association. There is even a tab for training opportunities.

If you are thinking this is just one country, well you are wrong. This is pretty much the world except for the East Coast of the United States. Our one bright spot is that we have the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series which was started by former ESA director Brian Bloom. Since the dollar is doing better than the rand I have heard, one would guess that every surf shop in town is on board and the contestants are enjoying the modern advancements in the surfing world such as computerized scoring.

Lets read what Brian has to say from the WAPSS website:

 Mike Bloom’s baby continues to more than stoke out East Coast competitors, who turned out in droves from New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and the Caribbean to take part in the opening mainland salvo on this year’s pro tour, still the only one of its kind on the East Coast. And that doesn’t even include the handful of Californians who entered since they were in town for the ASP 1-Star DNA Energy Pro Junior. But major surf company sponsorship remains slim to none for the WAPSS, and Bloom said he’s beginning to think about looking outside the industry to give his otherwise-thriving organization a big financial boost. “At this point I’d be happy to let an outside company capitalize on what we’re doing,” Bloom said. “Why not somebody like Schick or Gillette?” Laughing, he added, “Everyone here shaves!”

Major surf company sponsorship remains slim to none??? Odd…I see plenty of kids at the beach decked out in Volcom trucker hats and decked head to toe in surf gear. I think my son might even be in that crowd!

Well, I think we can all draw our own conclusions about the state of competition surfing on the east coast and what is lacking. We shouldn’t be sad that we have to travel far away to enter a major surfing contest and that there are no clubs and club competitions or even opportunities for surf coaching. We have been compensated with a statue.

Forget the Sebastian Inlet Pro! We can picnic by the statue!

If you want to surf in the WAPSS events or maybe you have made your quota on textiles and you want to put something back into surfing, you can visit the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series site here:

* Surf shop name is completely fictional! If you actually named your shop The Radical Wave…you may need a new marketing strategy.


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One Response to The More You Win – The Less You Will Get??

  1. mulletkiller says:

    Let’s Hope Bloom has learned a lot since the 90’s NSSA days. The 10+ years I entered his events were less than Professionally ran but at least someone is stepping up. I wonder what happened to Jan with the South East District? She could run an event.

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