Rio Billabong Pro vs. Location! Location! Location!

Surf contests always have one major issue. That is space and parking. So sometimes, as we may know, a contest is held at the location where they can set up the scaffolding and they also need parking for the masses. A lot of these spots are decent but down the road in some cove there is a slabby break that would really get the excitement factor up.

Brazil has always had its pundits and the Billabong Rio Pro is one of those events. In fact, any event in Brazil makes the arm-chair surfers on Fantasy Surfer and Fantasy Pro Surfing cringe. Well, any place besides Fernando de Noronha.

For this gringo, I frequently visit Brazil and surf at a lot of spots. I do like Arpoador but it is a funky wave. The outside is a warbled mess but it cleans up into a backwashy mid-break that reminds me of a reversed Makaha. Basically, fun for someone like me but not what I want to watch Taj Burrow or Kelly duking it out in.

When I stayed in Rio, I had to take a long, long walk through the madness of Copacabana down to the famous Arpoador. On the way there and on the way back, I would have to pass various beach breaks and one of them was Posto 5. Nine times out of ten, Steve would abandon the mission and catch some dredgers for 45 minutes and then continue the journey to surf Arpoador. This would always happen on the return trip as well.

Here are some pics of Posto 5:

A happy grinder at Posto 5

Barrel for one!

Some doofus

Posto 5 is mainly a bodyboarding spot but with a tad bit of size, it breaks in a uniform way and is very surfable. Most of the times that I surfed out there, I was not the only surfer. Even worse is the fact that in pictures #1 & #2, you can see a long point sticking out. Well, Arpoador is on the backside of that point.

I would rather see the guys getting some draining barrels and since it is kind of like Peniche in Portugal, it would be fun to watch Owen Wright breaking boards left and right. However, this won’t be the case. There is no place for the masses to park at Posto 5, so it will never be considered. Instead, we will enjoy watching the guys hop around in the backwashy walls of Arpoador or riding the beach break at Barra da Tijuca.


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3 Responses to Rio Billabong Pro vs. Location! Location! Location!

  1. guga cabradapeste says:

    Friend, this is Copacabana Posto 5, not Ipanema 9; SE and E swells when big hit the outer reef and break in the sand bar with hollow tubes. Cheers, Cabradapeste

  2. 1stpeaksteve says:

    Glad you dropped by Cabradapeste! You are right! This is Posto 5! It is been so long since I have been in Rio that I forgot. Guess I have to do some editing in my story!

    I did have fun at the break. I caught some good barrels there!

    Good luck at FPS this year as well!

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