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South Africa is hosting two important events and this has always been a big event for the surfers of South Africa. Quite frankly, I am disappointed in what has been going on in South Africa. When I first joined Fantasy Pro Surfing, I quickly had to learn a host of surfers on the Qualifying Series that I did not know of before. At the time, Jordy Smith was just finding his feet and Greg Emslie was going strong. One thing that I quickly learned is that there is a world of surfers beyond these two and they really seemed like they were turning it on. Then the volcano went dormant.

Shaun Joubert now seems to be the leader and guys like Rudy Palmbloom and Brandon Jackson are still chugging along as the sole survivors of the flood I was expecting to happen. But if you are looking for good picks and Fantasy Pro Surfing updates the names on the heat sheets, then guys like Klee Strachan and Casey Grant are great blue picks that can win heats.


There are already loads of no-shows so keep checking your teams. Jay Thompson, Dusty Payne, Miguel Pupo, and a few others are out!

Good luck and play Fantasy Pro Surfing!


Guys like Klee Strachan, Casey Grant, David Weare, and Daniel Redman are in the trails. So they will only be available if you select “Trails Winner 1 or 2.” This could be a gamble that could pay off. The only problem is that you do not know who you will get.

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