The Taco Shack in New Smyrna Beach

The Taco Shack in New Smyrna Beach!

Surfers and Tacos!

There is something about tacos and burritos that seem to draw in surfers. Maybe it has to do with the love affair of visiting Mexico and Central America and bringing yourself back to eating some black beans and rice overlooking a reeling pointbreak.

As myself, I am crazy about good old meals from South America and Central America myself. However, I really love Thai and Indian food too and my buddies never suggested visiting a place such as “Thai Tanic” or “Taste of New Deli.” Well, eating a burrito is not a bad consolation at all then!

As for my local region, Brevard County is the king of cheap burrito restaurants. They are everywhere! Taco City, Big Island Burritos, Da Kine Diego’s, and a list that keeps on going. But after fleeing to Volusia County, the list there is pretty small besides Taco Bell. Thankfully, there is my favorite which is the Taco Shack located on US 1 in New Smyrna Beach which is fairly close to State Road 44.

Why Eat There?

The Taco Shack is not a huge place and the seating is covered but it is outside. If my world-famous blog creates a large increase in visits, we will have trouble! Ha ha!

What I like about the Taco Shack is that the food is inexpensive, fresh, and it is about as relaxing as you can get. After surfing at the inlet, I just like to grab some food and sit and watch some surf videos while I am eating. It is a great place to just gather your thoughts before it is time to conquer the highway.

Even though I am still waiting for a cheap, surfer-owned Thai restaurant to pop up, I will be hitting up The Taco Shack in the mean time on a pace that may earn myself a plaque with my name on it. My son loves it too so it is win-win for the both of us after a good day in the water.

This is their website with information and the menu if you visit the area. The Taco Shack offers a pretty wide variety of choices. I need to kick into gear because I love fish tacos but I have been repeatedly ordering the Shack Tacos. They also have sangria and wine as well!

Riding an Erie Surfboard…now you know this place rocks!

If you have any favorite beach styled burrito joints, give them a shout out on here!

If you are going to open a Thai restaurant…hit me up and I will give you a name…such as “Tongue Thai’d”! Bwa ha ha!


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