Search Engines – An Exciting Glimpse Into The Side Wedge!

The Side Wedge team collecting data for the next exciting story!

Hello! I am writing this from The Side Wedge Command Center…Which we like to call the S.W.C.C. for short. Or sometimes Hal. Anyway, today it is time to reveal a cool feature of WordPress. This feature is in our dash-board and it shows how people find your website by using keywords. From this featured technology, we gathered 10 of our brightest stars (as seen above working from their 7th period science class) and had them create a list of the most “distinctive” terms entered into a search engine. This action resulted in the user being zipped straight to The Side Wedge to hopefully answer all of their pressing life issues.

Why use this fascinating technology? Isn’t this stuff only good for the space program? Nope! This technology allows the marketing team to study the patterns and keywords that our readers frequently use the most. Once we cull this information through data mining and by asking biased family members about their opinions of this site, we can then use “spyrometric” technology to cater the information just for you!

Some of these lines represent algorithms or alpha-brain waves. These up and down squiggles represent the growing fan base and also illustrates the correlation to drunk computer usage. The fifth line is the comparison to these data pools and an earthquake in Saipan.

So now it is time to unveil some gems from the list. I may even add some comments to help out the person who was seeking knowledge on Google only to be sadly directed to my hunk of junk site. Sorry!

Drum Roll Please!!

Number 1o!

What happened to drapes surf wear?
My friend, you don’t get out much do you? Ever hear of a word called “bankruptcy?”
Number 9!
Articles on stubbies shorts?
Must be from the same guy! Sorry, most magazines do not write articles about clothing lines that have been gone since 1986!
Number 8!
 What side surfboard stickers?
They go any side! Remember they work better on the surfboard and not on you! Keep them away from chest hair!
Number 7!
I can’t even respond to this!
Number 6!
tojubelnde menschenmenge vektor
Achtung Lieben!
Number 5! Geez this is taking awhile.
How to get to the north side of the jetties in New Smyrna?
Simple…climb over the rocks! Do you really need a search engine to tell you this! If you meant you wanted to visit Ponce inlet, then you drive to U.S. 1 and then drive to Daytona Beach. Turn to the right before you hit the ocean!
Number 4!
 Typing is hard
A true friend who feels my pain! You should try typing for some goofy surf blog that no one subscribes to! (shameless attempt to get more fans!)
Number 3!
 pictures of Virginia beach surfers
Here ya go!

Yaaaahoooo! I’m capsizin the surfing boat!

Number 2!
shark taste finger salty
Shark tastes finger – finger bloody!
And the number one weird search term that someone used to find my blog that is about surfing.
my parents give me wedges 
Sorry kiddo! Maybe you should have put Department of Children and Families into the search engine instead!
But wait! Here are two more!
donkey on surfboards

I prefer surfing pigs!

and this last one…
 Best surf blog the side wedge
Sad the effect that drinking has on common sense!

Listen here Harry! I know talent when I sees it an that there Side Wedge guy has gots it!

Good night and see you all next week!
Disclaimer: We are not implying that any subscribers have a drinking problem. Sadly Mullet Killer is sending all of those crazy messages completely sober!

About 1stpeaksteve

Welcome to The Side Wedge! The Side Wedge is a product of the journey through life of Steve Zima. Former professional surfer, a writer, surf coach, and hospitality manager. This is a collection of travel tips, motivation, and stories from my past. Finally, I offer surf coaching through The Side Wedge. Please feel free to contact me with questions if you want to improve your performance today! Thanks for reading!
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One Response to Search Engines – An Exciting Glimpse Into The Side Wedge!

  1. I found your blog when I saw that you sent 4 visitors to my website! You’ve added a new subscriber, I love reading your posts. They make me laugh. See you at the beach!

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