Billabong Pro Tahiti for Fantasy Surfer 2012

A common site at the Billabong Pro – A barrel and a Hobgood!

Oi seniors e senoras!

It’s about a week out from the Billabong Pro in Tahiti and there are still a few factors that are ensuring that changes will be made to my team. First off, there is the surf and this is the biggest factor. If Teahupoo has a lot of south angle in the swell and the wave size is smaller, it turns more into a Fiji styled wall and this could make things more like the Fiji event.

My Team:

Mick Fanning

Kelly Slater

Owen Wright

C.J. Hobgood

Matt Wilkinson

Kai Otten

John Florence

Yadin Nichol

Most of my team is staying put. I came into the season late and had to make do with some of my picks because they are out of my price range. Being a poor guy who can not afford to add Jeremy Flores or another proven charger, I have to look for the bargain basement guys so my plan is to watch the trails and to see who are the injury replacements. If Freddy Patacchia gets in, then it is good-bye Yadin Nichol.

The trails are also important. A Laurie Towner, Anthony Walsh, or one of the Tahitians will be a great cheap pick. In the mix is also Jamie O’ Brien, Dean Bowen, and Bruce Irons. Ricardo Dos Santos is also in it. Ricardo won the trails last year and advanced over Kelly Slater into round 3. So it is just a matter of waiting and watching.

The Brazilians

I know a lot of guys out there who are praying it gets big so they can watch Medina cry in the channel. Don’t count these guys out for one simple reason. Gabriel Medina and Miguel Pupo did well in Fiji due to the barrel. On the face is where they had problems due to their lack of weight. Chopes is a barrel with a short face so this removes the issue of the surfer having to do some big hacks.

A Few Last Thoughts and Shane Dorian

One Line to the Channel!

Shane Dorian is perhaps the benchmark for surfing large waves. One of the things that makes him a legend is that his lines are direct and when things seem to be going south, he seems to more relaxed. You never see him pumping his board through the barrel like he is gunning for his life. If Medina and Pupo want to silence their critics then stop pumping!

Good luck and if you want to write about your team then please do!


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2 Responses to Billabong Pro Tahiti for Fantasy Surfer 2012

  1. mulletkiller says:

    Kelly, Mick, J.Flo, JJF, CJ, Damo, Wilco, Logie. And I’ll drop Travis for Freddy P. Too. I have a decent salary cap

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