I.S.A. World Masters Championships – Some Advice

2011 I.S.A. Gold Winners. Photo by Watts

If one runs a business and the goal is to foster success, then how should the business decide on how to promote from their ranks? Does this sound like a great business plan? The bosses will pick the person that they like the most. Sure, a guy such as Mr. Matthews could be overlooked. He produces, but well, he just is not in the spot light. What is the better way to get results?

A month ago, I watched the I.S.A. World Masters Championships from Nicaragua. This year the United States finished in 2nd. We won last year so we are doing pretty well overall. The Hawaiians dominated almost every division that they were entered in.

While watching this, I thought to myself how the United States is selling itself short. I do agree with the team in a general way. I mean, last year they had Tom Curren on the team and I would always put Shea Lopez on the list as well. However, in my opinion, when you have a country as a big as the U.S., just picking a team from the people in the spotlight is a poor way to go about it.

Tom Curren is an obvious pick. What do you do when he does not take part? Photo by Quincho.

It seems that the team is chosen by the coach and his wife. At least that is what was told to me on the air on a live webcast.

This alternative would actually take some real planning…but if you want to win…you can’t just half-ass things. What should be done is to set up trials in different regions and then pull a team together from that. Then you could get a fair assessment on the talent pool and make logical choices.

To give you an idea:

David Speir, Reese Lewis, Rodrigo Miranda, Frieda Zamba,  John Holeman, and Bill Hartley.

To further illustrate my point, here is a case subject:

Could surfing like this win a heat in the I.S.A. Masters?

Who is this guy surfing?

The surfer is Scott Higgins of course! I am sure the readers, even those in the know about contest surfing are looking confused. Exactly! This shows the talent pool that is lying undiscovered in the United States that gets passed up . As for the 6 surfers I named off before the pictures of Scott Higgins, I only mentioned surfers from my immediate area and there are many more in California and around the United States. Here is a guy like Scott that has one board sponsor and does not surf contests because it is interferes with his family life. The guy has surfed contests in the past and if given the chance to surf in a long right point break such as El Salvador, he would gladly represent the United States.

With our current method of team selection, there will never be a Scott Higgins in the event. In a business environment (which a team is a business), picking the people who you are close to is never a way to promote and discover winning talent. The junior team is picked from winners from the various U.S. Championship competitions so why not the Masters surfers?

No Frieda Zamba! She could win every I.S.A. Masters! Photo by Clemmer


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One Response to I.S.A. World Masters Championships – Some Advice

  1. mulletkiller says:

    Thanks for the props bro, and yes I would gladly represent the United States of America if given a chance. There is a huge talent pool of weekend worriers out there and I think your idea is a good one. I would also include yourself it the mix. Cheers

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