SATA Airlines Azores Pro for Fantasy Pro Surfing

On 09/04/2012 (tomorrow), the SATA Airlines Azores Pro will kick off. This contest is a 6 Star rated event.

For Fantasy Pro Surfing, this is my team:

Glen Hall

Freddy Patacchia

Felipe Toldeo

Sebastian Zeitz

Matt Banting

Thiago Camarao

Nathan Hedge

Davey Cathels

Mitch Crews

Caio Ibelli

Garrett Parkes

Vasco Ribeiro

Tried and True

I picked Glen Hall and Nathan Hedge because they are just two tried and true competitors. Nathan Hedge is not the most radical guy (trick-wise), but he has a snappiness about his surfing that the judges love. Freddy is the same but with more variation. These guys are fired up and want to win. Some other solid picks that I have seen in the draw include Nate Yoemans, Nat Young (both are deadly on their backhand), and Leonardo Neves who is a blue.

Hot Streak

There are a few guys in the draw that seem to be having some momentum going into the event. These are guys like Tomas Hermes, Joan Duru, and Jean Da Silva. I would never count out Mitch Crews either. He came in as a blue so he has the opportunity to score some extra points.

Well, the event starts tomorrow so let’s hope for some good surfing and for myself, I am praying for once to break the 2o,000 point barrier.


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The Side Wedge is a product of the journey through life of Steve Zima. Former professional surfer, writer, and Operational Management specialist; this is an eclectic collection of travel tips, surf coaching, and stories from my past. I also spotlight music that moves me and world events. Thanks for reading!
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