The Clampetts Take Over the Vans World Cup of Surfing!

Welcome To Our Wonderful County!

Welcome To Our Wonderful County!

Trip to Clarkstown

You enter Clark’s Grocery Store with a push of the old wooden door. Immediately you see short, neat rows of products lined up and a small crowd by the cashier. You grab the old cart and head off down a wobbly path to collect the goods you need.

After getting the rice, meat, veggies, and other goods, you join the line to the cashier. At the front, you notice the gangly, pimpled face kid nervously scratching on a note pad. After a few minutes, the customer digs deep in his pockets and out emerges some money. The transaction happens and the line lurches forward a few feet.

After checking out, you ask the guy, with the name tag that reads, “John-Ray”, what the hold up was. The guy cracks a large beaming smile.

“We don’t use them crazy cash registers here!” He is still beaming with a sense of pride that one can only get after having a child or winning the lottery.

A few days later, it is time to leave this place. At the airport there seems to be a problem. Fire trucks are surrounding a smoldering mass of twisted metal.

“Ohhhhhh geez, don’t you worry about that none”, a voice beams just off your left shoulder. You turn to see an employee of the airport.

“What do you mean?”, you ask.

“Fred Norville has the best eyes in all of Jackson County. He only has had six problems bringing them planes in. We aint never using them crazy radar systems as long as he is around. Besides, his son Tom is almost 14 and his seein’ is just as good!”

You run from the airport and continue running down to you reach the Greyhound Bus Terminal and within twenty minutes you are loaded into the next bus out-of-town.

Technology Is Our Friend

Imagine a place where technology is shunned. Sounds pretty silly. Or dangerous. Well, on the Triple Crown webcast the other day, a very proud commentator beamed with pride that the judges did not have the use of the replay system nor could they see the zoomed in rides that were being beamed over the internet. They were doing it the way it has always been done at Sunset Beach since 1963. That was sitting in a tower peering the 29 football fields out to watch the ant-sized men take off on the well overhead sets.

We don't need a zoom! Is that guy standing up?

We don’t need a zoom! Is that guy standing up?

To make it worse, the happy Hawaiian commentator then made the camera man reduce the perspective to show what the people were seeing from the shore. I know Sunset Beach pretty well…and it is a good distance out.

I find it strange that this practice continues. Even small events at Huntington Beach allow the simple technology of letting the judges see replays.

Imagine the NFL without it?

The Association of Surfing Professionals has a few fish to fry it seems and they should add another Tilapia into the pan. Running a Prime event with the equipment used for an N.S.S.A. contest should become a thing of the past. Especially when it is the Van’s World Cup of Surfing which is the last prime event of the year and has valuable career implications for the surfers involved.


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