We all feel this way in life. Time for a pounding!

We all feel this way in life. Time for a pounding!


The Impact Zone

Everyone who surfs has been caught inside. Being caught inside means that a wave is breaking violently and anyone in the vicinity is about to be mowed over. Well, what do you know! You are the one sitting a few feet in front of a detonating monster!

During this process, one always gets a good thrashing. You get held down. All above you is a swirling mass. Everything is out of your control.

It may seem bad but keep plowing ahead!

It may seem bad but keep plowing ahead!

Eventually, the energy dissipates and the wave churns towards the shore. You see the foam disappear and the white of light sends shafts down to follow.

Time to surface.


Eventually, you break free and surface. Draw in a huge burst of air into your lungs. The sea looks calm and you smile. You know that you made it and it was not as bad as you thought.

Part of the great thing about life is that it has some fixed points but everything between can change like the moods of the ocean itself. A calm sea can turn violent in a matter of minutes. As in life, what seems terrible at one point can seem like life times away after a year or so.

I know that reading about getting through struggles will have no impact on some individuals who need help. It is not that simple. As a society, we seem to want to help the children who have issues. Diagnose them with a disorder and give them medication. Once they get older, it becomes more complicated. The cute children now are scary or weird adults. They are just out of our range of fitting in with normal society. We tend to look away at those who are the loners, the odd balls, and the unstable.

These souls are thrashing around just below the surface. Their swimming ability is poor and they are in way over their heads. They need a lifeguard to rescue them before they sink and as a society we need to find a better way to get these people to the shore.

All these cool photos are from Mark Tipple.


About 1stpeaksteve

Welcome to The Side Wedge! The Side Wedge is a product of the journey through life of Steve Zima. Former professional surfer, a writer, surf coach, and hospitality manager. This is a collection of travel tips, motivation, and stories from my past. Finally, I offer surf coaching through The Side Wedge. Please feel free to contact me with questions if you want to improve your performance today! Thanks for reading!
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2 Responses to Surfacing

  1. mulletkiller says:

    Good anology brother.

    • 1stpeaksteve says:

      After the whole terrible situation in Connecticut, I just wanted to write something more than an angry rant against banning guns. There is enough arguing about that kind of thing on Facebook.

      Glad you liked it and see you and the family in a few days!

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