Board Stiff of the Go Pro Camera

Flat as a Board.

Flat as a Board.

On a surf forum, a friend of mine pointed out something that made me realize something that I never made public.

I really hate videos of surfing made by the Go Pro cameras that are mounted towards the surfer!!

There! I said it!

Board Stiff

Everything Looks Flat and Lacks Depth.

Everything Looks Flat and Lacks Depth.

Surfing can be a pleasing visual experience. The surfer seems to flow from turn to turn and the surfboard looks like an extension of the surfer’s body. The board has curve that allows the surfer to fit their board into the changing dynamics of the wave.

Not with the Go Pro!

Even a great surfer seems to be surfing on a plank. The surfboard seems to be an immobile log that the surfer is standing on.  As for big wave surfing? Forget it! The camera can somehow turn a 60 foot wave face into something as menacing as a large driveway.

When you watch a video of a professional surfer shot from a second party; the rail work and body movements seem smooth and calm. With the Go Pro, the same pro seems to be doing a series of calisthenics.

Twist! Twist!

The Real Star

Working With the Wave...Teamwork.

Working With the Wave…Teamwork.

The only redeeming videos are the ones that take the focus off of the surfer. In barreling waves, the tube rides can become surreal and mesmerizing.

So maybe Go Pro should drop the marketing campaign that we are the stars.

We are only partners along for the ride.


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