Thoughts – Post Quicksilver Pro 2013

Go Team! Go!

Go Team! Go!

I was on cloud 9! Dusty Payne advanced and so did most of my team.

By the end, there would only be one Mick Fanning and he would go down in the semifinals.


Closing Time

The show is over. Please keep moving for the exits.

Looking back, I thought the action was great. This is what I took away from it all:

The Cruelty of the WQS

Filipe Toledo ripped the bag out of the two foot wave that snuck under the normal line up. He began to do a series of hacks and even two air to reverses in the mushy sections. Completely under the lip. He looked pleased with himself.

A mid-range score.

I was thinking how cruel it is to promote such surfing on the Qualifying Series only to bag it in the big leagues. A spade should be called a spade and if the CT judges are frowning on some mid-faced nose pick at Snapper then it should not be a 9 point ride in a six star.

Jordy and Taj

I still am surprised at their performance. The surfing they were producing early in the event made them seem as to be potential finalists. But alas, it is surfing and there are more than 3 rounds.


What happened? Early days though but a throw away at the first event is not a great way to start.

Nat Young and Sebastian Zietz

Nat looked fast on his backhand. He did have a few moments where he seemed a bit unpolished but he really stepped it up against Ace Buchan. I really like Sebastian’s surfing. He has great rail work. He just needs to work on wave selection.

The Champs

Well, they showed why they are world title holders. The barrel riding duels were great.

Now though…time to ponder upon Bells.

What did you all think of the event?

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2 Responses to Thoughts – Post Quicksilver Pro 2013

  1. mulletkiller says:

    A great way to start the year. Hopefully, like Kirra, Winki is breaking too

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