Billabong Rio Pro 2013 for Fantasy Surfer

Can we get this for once!! Best picture of Arpoador I have seen from SurReport.It

Can we get this for once!! Best picture of Arpoador I have seen from SurReport.It

Boa Tarde! It is my picks and blabbering for the Billabong Rio Pro 2013!

Since I started this blog awhile ago, I wrote something about the waves in the area before and I believe what I wrote still has some merit. Here is the article I wrote previously…check out the waves just around the corner of Arpoador!

I know must people think of Arpoador as the awful mush burger off the rocks. The approval rating for the beach break (Barra da Tijuca) is higher but not by much. To be honest, I always thought the event should be at Fernando de Noronha or even in Saquarema.

Rio does have waves and I must say from experience that I like Aproador better than Barra though it is an odd wave with a ton of moods depending on the rapidly shifting sand bars. Hollow, mushy, backwashy, peeling, closing out…I can say that I have experienced it all there and sometimes all on a trip lasting a week and a half.

The Event

Anything can go here so picking a team will be tough for Fantasy Surfer. If it is closing out or crappy, it will be the luck of the ocean. This event can be a good event for guys like Brett Simpson and the air guys to do something before they have to face the big guns in the Pacific leg.

My Team

I am not finished picking and I probably will not be done until close to the event’s start time. I have to check the heat draw and wrangle a few new people onto my team. The Brazilians will be a good choice here depending on injuries. I am thinking that Josh Kerr is another solid choice because he is small and light weight and can do airs. If it gets bigger and barrels, Josh is in the game as well. Julian Wilson is another good choice. I am on the fence with Jordy Smith although he is in great form. Owen Wright could eek something out too although the luck factor has not been going his way of late. He could be a pick to shore up the top guys on your team.

What are you guys thinking for your teams??


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9 Responses to Billabong Rio Pro 2013 for Fantasy Surfer

  1. Damyon Wolfe says:

    yeah I am having extremely similar thoughts to yours on the fantasy surf comp. After bells I am sure everyone will be putting Toledo in their…great value. I am trying to squeeze up to 4 Brazilians in my team, I think Medina is a must have

  2. 1stpeaksteve says:

    I am actually going to skip Medina although he is one of those guys who could win the event and it is only a money issue. I am picking Toledo and as you pointed out I am sure 20,000 other teams are too.

    Tomorrow I am going to finalize my team. I am sure they will not run due to the lack of surf.

    Thanks for responding too and good luck!

    • Damyon Wolfe says:

      ok, time to put the cards on the table…here is what I came up with;

      4 Brazos: Medina, DeSouza, they are such fierce competitors…Toledo and Pupo

      Kerr, agree completely with what you said…and he is due a good result

      Jordy. really struggled about him or Wilson…but the small saving helped me out, plus Jordys form at Bells was incredible, couldnt see anyone beating him in that event.

      Andino got the nod over Simpson…another tough choice

      Gudauskas making up the numbers…and the likely conditions may see him get through a couple of rounds…hopefully

      I didnt check the draw. I did that in the last event and it just completely did my head in, trying to think what may happen etc, the way they re-seed every round just makes predictions so hard.

      I also really wanted Owen in my side…have a feeling leaving him out is going to bite me in the arse

      Anyway, what did you end up doing?

  3. 1stpeaksteve says:

    Slater because his heat is fairly soft. Depends on what Wild Card he gets. Wilson because he surfs against Logie and Micro Hall. I had Zietz but pulled him. I have Taj Burrow. I had Toledo against Burrow and thought if my pick (sacrificial lamb) Freestone goes into that heat then I am doomed. So I had to lose Toledo which I hated to do. Bad move maybe. I picked Simpo and Andino as two cheap skates. Simpo surfs against Bede and Michel B. Andino has C.J. and Ace. Both can take out their heats. I hated Gaudang’s heat. Too stacked for my liking. I managed to squeeze in Jordy. Jordy can get through his heat as well…I am waiting to see what happens here with the trails. Simao can be a good choice with a win.

    • Damyon Wolfe says:

      Round 1 all my guys surfed…felipe, pupo and josh Kerr lost but others all through, am pretty happy at the moment…especially to see my bargain man Gudauskas getting through.

      Too late over here so I only saw the first 3 heats…but man those conditions are ordinary. I am sure they get good waves there…but I have watched the Brazil event for the last three years or so…and it hasnt ever been very good. With surfing trying to increase its popularity and now getting more coverage than ever…do you think a rio event is at risk of getting cut?

  4. 1stpeaksteve says:

    I got a few through too. Crazy that Julian could not find any open waves. I traded Pat and Sebastian Zietz so that could bite me in the okole later.

    By chance did you see the pictures from the link on my page to my earlier post? There are some breaks close by that are not bad but there is no parking to run an event. Kind of a crunchy beach break like Portugal. You do have to find some corners which can be difficult.

    I do not think that they will cancel this event. What I would really like to see is them move to a better venue. Saquarema would be better.

    Where do you live? I am currently in Florida. Thus, we surf junk like the waves in the event a lot. Also, if you read the forums on Fantasy Surfer…you would see my posts. I am one of the more moderate posters on the message board. That does not leave a lot of choices!

    • Damyon Wolfe says:

      Just had a look at the link then, that looks very nice, and yes it does appear similar to Portugal. I met a few guys from Argentina on a trip to Sumatra a few years ago, they travel to Brazil for waves pretty regularly, and they also said that there are some very good spots there. I agree that they will keep a Brazil event, it is a must…but it would just be excellent to see them getting quality waves there.

      Am on the east coast of Australia, halfway between Sydney and the Gold Coast. Get good waves regularly, not big nor world class…but if I surf with more than three or four guys I consider that crowded…so I am very very happy!

      So are they the surfermag forums you post in? I have looked at them once or twice…I used to post on the realsurf forums…but man they are just nasty nasty places, dont have any desire at all to spend any time in them again.

      Anyway all the best for the rest of the event. Its a complete lottery really, in those conditions. I didnt put any of the big three in my team…I know for sure I will regret that!

  5. 1stpeaksteve says:

    How did you do Damyon? Man…I am stuck in some kind of rut! All my scores are in the 700 point range. Well, I got Jordy right…some of the others let me down!

  6. Damyon Wolfe says:

    I had to bounce back big time from Bells where I just scraped past 500…but bounce back I did…I got over 960! Had first, second, a third and fifth…and all my guys got to atleast round three.

    Taking a look now at my team for Fiji, and it will be completely different…I dont think I will keep anyone, maybe just Medina! Must make room for atleast two of the big three…then a Hobgood for sure…Owen will be really fiercely chasing a good result…tough decisions

    All the best

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