Oakley Pro Bali picks for Fantasy Surfer 2013

A duck herder on the black sand beach at Keramas.

My Team:

Kelly Slater

Jordy Smith

John John Florence

Julian Wilson

Sebastian Zietz

Filipe Toledo

Yadin Nicol

And a sacrificial lamb.

So I am pretty happy with my last result. I cleared the 900 point mark but since many have close to the same team; it will take something major such as Travis Logie winning an event to shake up the ratings board.

I have never surfed the place but it seems to be fairly predictable with a barrel section to open and a face to blast tricks at the end. Goofy footers seem to get shut down in the long run here.


Beyond my picks, I could see a few others doing well here. Taj Burrow and Josh Kerr come to mind fairly quickly. Kolohe Andino could be a solid pick as well. On the face, Michel Bourez could also be lethal.

This Year

I can’t wait for this event to start. So far every contest has delivered even after days of grumbling about bad starts and blowing contestable days. By the time the event wraps up, I am happy with the waves and the performance level. Even the dreaded Billabong Rio Pro served up some barrels.


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10 Responses to Oakley Pro Bali picks for Fantasy Surfer 2013

  1. Damyon Wolfe says:

    Nice team once again…and you are right that many teams are very similar. Kelly, JJ, Jordy and Zietz seem to be in everyones team. I liked Yadin but his opening heat really sux, and I have Kolohe, so I went with Cardosa…he has two goofies so I hope he can pull an upset.

  2. 1stpeaksteve says:

    It seems that Yadin, Dusty, and Brett Simpson are just such long shots. They have the talent yet on a stage where only a few small technical aspects separate one guy from the next…they always seem to go down way to early. Yet, with a lack of funds we just keep hoping that will one day change.

  3. gina4star says:

    … oh no! Not a real sacrificial lamb…. 😦 ?! πŸ™‚

    • 1stpeaksteve says:

      Sorry…no real animals have been sacrificed. Only poor athletes who are put up against the top tour veterans in the opening rounds. Their chance of advancement is about as high as anyone of the Fast and Furious movies getting an Oscar.

      So relax and enjoy your day! The animals are safe…

      • gina4star says:

        oh, phew! πŸ™‚ hehe, sorry i don’t really understand how surfing works, but… nothing like a good challenge!!! πŸ™‚ And hey, Fast and the Furious may not win an Oscar, but goodness it’s on its sixth film already, and the seventh is in the pipeline, so it’s got to be doing something right! πŸ™‚

  4. Damyon Wolfe says:

    How are you going?

    I changed my team just before the event, as per usual…and I just realised it is now exactly the same as yours (promise when I submitted mine I had no memory of your line-up…sue me for plageurism if you like)…I kept Cardosa as the sacrificial lamb. I dropped Andino and Muniz for Wilson and Yadin Nicol…so as you can imagine I am very very pleased with my decision.

    Everyone talking about the JJF air, and so they should be. I am pretty devastated he and Zietz are opponents in round 3…partly because they are both in my team, but mostly I just want them to go further so I can watch them surf more

    Am a bit disappointed with the wave to be honest. I realise it probably does get better, but it just seems a bit short…I guess I should reserve judgement until after the solid swell predicted for next Tuesday

    Still feeling pretty good about the team I (should say we) selected. Airs will be pretty important, and power as always…think we have the best exponents of those talents in Kelly, Jordy, JJF and Julian…fingers crossed!

  5. Damyon Wolfe says:

    By the way did you see the Andino and (mental block) heat in the second round. What did you think. If Andino was still in my team I would have been spewing, I thought he won the heat. The other heat I strongly disagreed with the scoring was Wilson’s first round against Flores and ?. No way was Flores’ last wave a 9…but Wilson has been on the right side of some very questionable decisions so I doubt he can complain too much.

    • 1stpeaksteve says:

      I did see the heat against Matt Wilkinson. Close for sure but I too am not so sure of Wilko’s win. The wave is great (to start at least) but it goes to crap pretty fast with that end section and all that rip in it. I guess people like to pop airs off all those ribs.

      Do you follow the WQS at all? Interesting the surfers that are working their way to the top like Mitch Coleborn. Could be on next year.

    • 1stpeaksteve says:

      Big troubles in little China!

      Thanks Jordy.

  6. 1stpeaksteve says:

    Damyon and Mullet Killer: We did great!! So great that let us not do that again! Funny that in my last sentence about picks, I picked Michel and of course did not put him on my team.

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