Pondering the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2013 – so Far!

Well, several weeks of surfing have come and gone as well as dreams and aspirations to qualify for next year’s World Championship Tour. Some choked and some rose to the occasion as did the surf itself as conditions ranged from playful Haleiwa dribble down to big and burly Sunset Beach.

Wade Carmichael killing it. Photo Courtesy of the ASP

Wade Carmichael killing it. Photo Courtesy of the ASP

So what are my thoughts??

Much Adeu About Nothing!

At Sunset, the judges seemed duped by  perhaps one of the lamest ways to get a big score for nothing: the down turning layback. When done in 4 foot surf at your local amateur contest, one can expect a whopping score of a 4.5. When done on an over sized gun at Sunset – There’s an 8! When Ian Gentil pulled one on the final day in 6 foot surf and got an 8…I almost wanted to lose my lunch.

Photo Courtesy of the ASP

Photo Courtesy of the ASP

This is Willian Cardoso on his way to a high score. Well, it beats just straightening off and getting hammered.


The commentators will drone on and on about how great some guy from Hawaii is and how he knows every polyp on the reef and meanwhile, some kid from Lorakeetburg, Australia is hooking it up under the lip and sends the superman packing.

This year, I was really impressed with Wade Carmichael and Ryan Callinan. I knew that both of these kids ripped but in big burly Sunset they did not hold back at all.

Ryan Callinan. Photo Courtesy of the ASP

Ryan Callinan. Photo Courtesy of the ASP

There were loads of others that stood out as well: Heitor Alves at Sunset (not at Haleiwa), Wiggolly Dantas, The 8 Gaudaskas brothers, Ian Gentil, Kiron Jabour, and many others.

The Heartbreak

It is kind of sad watching grown men punching their boards and cursing after seeing their hopes dashed. I really felt bad for a few of them that were deserving in my opinion of getting on the big show. Especially viewing the list and knowing that some of the guys qualifying will be on and off the tour in one season.

I am looking forward to seeing Mitch Coleborn surf in some hopefully flaring surf next year and hopefully Mitch Crews will work out some of the kinks before next year as well.

The Curse Marches On

It must be a pain being the best at something and not being able to conquer something. Two spots have Kelly Slater’s number and they are Margaret River and Sunset Beach. If Kelly stays on tour for next season; he needs to conquer Margaret’s which has been added to the schedule.

One More!

Pipe is looming just around the corner and it is the last-ditch effort for a few to turn around some dismal performances and get back on for next year.

Hope it is macking this year!

Heitor Alves...of Course!  Photo Courtesy of the ASP

Heitor Alves…of Course! Photo Courtesy of the ASP


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