Fantasy Surfer Picks for the Billabong Pipeline Pro 2013

Photo courtesy of the ASP

Photo courtesy of the ASP

Welcome to my Nightmare!

I hate to do this at all due to my Fantasy Surfer season being so lame but here it goes:

General Observations:

I am basing this on “historical performances” which does not take into account that anyone who puts on a jersey will charge when the pressure is on them.

Round 1: Heat 11 might hold the key to someone’s future. That is because in my opinion, the 2 heavy hitters are in the same heat. Ricardo Dos Santos is like Anthony Walsh from Australia; a true freak in the barrel. He is pitted against another north shore powerhouse and that is Tanner Gudauskas. As one progresses through the event, they could spell trouble for someone above.

Round 2: The top of the draw is troubling. That is because in a line is Gabriel Medina, Sebastian Zietz, Jeremy Flores, Freddy Patacchia, and Matt Wilkinson. So tread wisely because they will all meet the top seeds in the harder side of the draw in round #3 and they will meet each other too.

Round 3: The top half is definitely interesting. First because of the spill over from round 2 to 3 and also because Mick Fanning and John John Florence are going to meet up at some point (early) if they make it out of their perspective heats. Kelly and Joel on the other hand are spaced out a bit more.

A Big Fat Guess

I think one person I named off is the key here and it is not whom a lot of teams will choose. Think of a person who is a top seed and may hold a Pipeline Masters title, may have no pressure of a title chase, and multiple Triple Crown winnings.

Good luck!


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2 Responses to Fantasy Surfer Picks for the Billabong Pipeline Pro 2013

  1. mulletkiller says:

    “North shore Power House Tanner G” UMMM I think a lot of Hawaiians would take offence to dat statement bra. Tanner rips the North Shore but your quote makes it sound like he’s from HI.

    Any ways here’s my team but as you can see from my results as well, don’t be a copycat.

    Fat Boy Dane
    Patty G. (The Other North Shore Power House)
    Zek L.

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