Another Edition of Surf Trip Stories – Part 2!

Island Life

After a few days, Adam and I are starting to get island life figured out but we were learning some lessons.

One lesson we learned is that everything is expensive. We ordered a cup of Coke and for almost 2 dollars we were rewarded with a small plastic cup filled with the drink. Such outrageous prices could be applied across the board except for the restaurants so we knew we had to be careful with our money.

Lost Boys!

Previously, I spoke about our lack of knowledge in regards to our vacation destination. We wanted to surf but we had no idea where the name spots were at. So we took the long trek through the roads and found ourselves back at the beach. To our left was a house on a tall cliff so going left did not seem to be the best choice. So we began to head to the south.

A swell filled the sea and waves were cracking on the reefs. Being from Hawaii, I began to look for the right looking wave. A wave with no exposed reef and a channel or some way to get out. Finally, we came upon this spot.

The first spot we surfed at.

The first spot we surfed at.

I found the channel and urged Adam to follow me out. The water was warm and crystal clear and the waves peeled off in the offshore breeze. Fun to say the least and not a soul out!

After several hours, Adam looked to the south and said that he thought he saw some surfers waaaaaaaaaaaay down the coast. We both got out and squinted. We could see some dots in the water and then one was on a wave. Surfers!!!

When we strolled up, the heads in the line up began to swivel back and forth all the while looking at us. Waves rolled in and the surfers took off. When they stood up, I got this weird feeling. A feeling that I knew these people.

Paddling out, the group once again was casting stares our way. Then when I reached them, I could not believe my eyes! I did know them!

One was a former tour surfer from Cocoa Beach named Matt Kechele. Then there was Frieda Zamba, former WCT Womens Surfing Champion, and her husband Flea. Kurt Wilson was also out. They looked as shocked as we were.

We had flown to a tiny remote island and landed around the same time as some local surfers from my area had taken the same trip.

Commence surfing!

For the next few days we surfed all the spots: Japans, Rush Reef, Garbanzo, Indicas, and even found a few of our own including a shorebreak over a reef that ended over a sandy area which was fun to goof off on.

The beach break

The beach break


At the beach, we were in a dream situation. We had three world-class surfers guiding us around. Once we left the sandy dream world, we never saw our compadres because they were staying right by the beach and we were off in a completely different area. The three of them knew my father and I do not even think that they realized that he was not napping at the hotel room.

On dry land and needing to eat, we spent our time visiting the local restaurants and gorging ourselves on a steady stream of eggs and french toast for breakfast, and for the latter meals it was the cheap spaghetti and cheeseburgers and fries.

We did have one slight mishap. Our chicken nuggets were of the variety that required cooking equipment that we did not have. The sun was blazing hot so we had the idea of wrapping them in tin foil…An instant oven!

A few hours later, we unwrapped our awaiting delicacy and found the nuggets to be of a consistency that we had never experienced before. A few bites later and we realized that an oven cooks them a lot better. Even the resident cat turned her back when offered the avian lunch!

As for the chips, they became a source of entertainment for us. Tossing them on the floor, we smiled as the little mouse ran out of the hiding spot and began to stuff them into his mouth. Once the mouse noticed us, it ran back to hide again until more chips were presented.

A Pirates life

Rudy's Restaurant and Bar

Rudy’s Restaurant and Bar

It also did not take us long to realize that the residents did not get that we were high school students or they did not care. We really noticed this from the restaurant owner who also operated a small bar in the corner of the building. Strolling confidently up to the bar, we began to order Kamikazes and German beer.

The jungle trail was not easy to negotiate and while intoxicated in the middle of the night; it was even more of a task. However, with a lot of laughing, stumbling, and crazy speculations; we found ourselves safe and sound in the room. All under the watchful eye of one tiny mouse.

More to  come!





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