Noise to Note! #88

Liz Phair is a million miles from a Mariah Carey. Her voice is not very strong but her songwriting is what gets her through.

The video is a far contrast from the song itself. The video portrays the song as being a collection of misery of being a housewife but the song itself is far different.

The real story of the song is layed out towards the end beyond the main character lamenting about finding a man who is not wealthy or famous. That is when Henry, the bar-tending friend, explains to the main character that she has time. And she states that the more he says this; she keeps pushing harder. Trying to find the right person. Searching for the perfect person.

The reality is that desperation leads to poor choices. Somethings are not meant to be rushed. Sometimes, the perfect person is not famous or rich. They are great because they are a great person.

It seems the guy who really liked her was Henry but she could never see this.

Liz Phair – Polyester Bride

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