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Wave...Meet young a-hole!

Wave…Meet young a-hole!

One of my fellow bloggers wrote a story about her disdain for those obnoxious kids that one can encounter at the beach. If you surf, you know the ones. In a pack. Loud. Trying to back paddle you. The top-notch kind of kid that causes you to scour the beach hoping that they came out minus a parent so you can tie them to the beach access crossing with their leg rope.

As I read the tale she wrote, it made me chuckle. Why? Because I was that little jerk.

If you have read enough of my blog, you would know that I was not a young Charles Manson my whole life. In fact, as a kid I was down right friendly. The problem was that I was growing and collecting baggage at a rapid pace.

By the time I reached Florida, I had all of the cards dealt to morph into a teenage monster. I was growing in size and had established a pattern of being friends with some kids who were not as stellar as my other friends from Ewa Beach. So my father devised a plan that would save the family some headache and we would all live happily ever after.

Well, one thing my father did not take into consideration was asking if the neighborhood was filled with kids who were a few notches short of being social deviants. He also did not factor in that a kid from Hawaii who was dreaming of a famous surfer might become a bit pissed off if you moved 5o minutes from the beach and the kid would then be at the mercy of car pooling to go surfing.

What happened next was really a no-brainer. Pissed off kid begins to hang out with a small herd of young derelicts and quickly changed from happy kid to angry menace.

God Bless Parents

I have to hand it to my father. Being a former surfer himself, he must have really wanted to kick me in the groin for being such a tool but instead he let some things slide. For example, what are these objects behind me in the photos? Pops cleverly tried to disguise the facts that I was an extremely ill-mannered youth.



Dear random surfing guy…Sorry for this!

However, when surfing with angry kids, you should paddle with conviction so the terror does not get to his feet while you are trying to figure out which way to go.

-Dad! You were supposed to zoom in and crop these people out of the photo! Geeeeeez!

Breaking the Law!

Surfing in the prehistoric days was no joke. There was always a few of those nice seasoned surfers that did not mind removing the fins from a kids board if they were out of line. So I had a few gentleman explain to me that if it was not for their like of my father; There was a trash can on the beach that I would have been stuffed in.

On the flip side, I have other warm and fuzzy memories of a few standard surfers out to enjoy their well earned time off by getting in a quick surf session.  Sadly, they made the wrong choice of questioning me about my aquatic antics while I was with a group of my fellow angry teens. This lead to them being surrounded by a mob of surfing hyenas and I remember them fleeing the water with us not far behind yelling obscenities.

But as explained in my previous post, I grew tired of the drama and decided to cut my tangled kelp-mess that covered my head and became a much friendlier presence in the water. Or…I just learned to sit farther out and now I only catch the best waves!

Less hair is less anger!

Less hair is less anger!

See what a good haircut can do for you!

Give Peace a Chance!

Ha ha! Well, truth be told, there were a lot more years of hi-jinx and crazy surf trips. Going to punk shows, clubs, and concerts. However, the drops in stopped and so did the awful pictures from that short downturn. I learned to smile and to be a more positive person. Getting more positive people in my camp helped too. When you surround yourself with people who are trouble; you are inviting trouble into your life.

That is how I changed from a life of scribbling to learning to create a picture.


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