Hotels Explained – The Wait


What a clean room should be like.



It was just after noon and I was going over some items with one of my employees when I spotted them. A small convey of young adults pulling their suitcases behind them. The first thing that struck me as odd was that they walked past the elevator to take them upstairs to the rooms and were instead heading towards the pool. All of them looked glum.

Instinctively I asked if anything was wrong.

We wanted to check in but we were told our room would not be ready until 4! The others in the party collectively groaned.

I told them that hopefully we would have them in the room sooner. I hope this was actually the case but unfortunately they arrived just after the holiday flood had left.

Pulling Back the Curtain

One thing makes or breaks if you will get into your room early and that is time. Everything in a hotel is on a cycle and when something disrupts the flow; the circle begins to break down.

What can mess up the cycle??

Smaller hotels with smaller rooms take less time to clean. If the rooms are larger; cleaning one room can take several hours. If a guest leaves late, a disruption can occur.

In a motel for example, the turnover can be a rather fast process. In a resort, it slows down considerably. In a resort, first the room is stripped. Then the cleaning person begins the process of checking the room and cleaning it. Items in the room could be damaged by the previous guests and these items have to be called in for repair.

Then comes the Inspectors and Managers who check and inspect the room. They have to check under mattresses and behind dressers for lost and found items. Also, they are checking for missing items that need to be replaced and also for maintenance issues.

Once the room has been cleared then it is turned over to the Maintenance staff. They repair any items and sometimes the room has to sit to let paint dry or an ionizer has to run to remove any bad odors.

The Rock Stars!

Some issues are run of the mill such as peeling wall paper. Sometimes we encounter far more serious issues in a room.

Yup! Sometimes we are visited by the rock stars of this world. These would be your fine folks who are more than likely cashiers at a convenience store during the week and then when given a chance to inflict misery upon others; they destroy and vandalize in order to make themselves feel better about their awful lives.

Here are some pictures taken of one room after being rented out by one of these miscreants.



A solid diet!


Trashcans are useful.




When I stay at a hotel, I put all of the linen together and keep the room organized. You really do not have to go that far. Just by throwing things away and cleaning up any mess that you make will help out greatly. The end result being that the next guests can check in on time and enjoy their stay without a long, long wait.




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