Hotels Explained – Lost and Found


I Have Lost It!

Every hotel is different. So I will not go into specifics. But just from eyeing the pictures and reading a few lines, anyone can put together a basic idea about your items that are misplaced.

In our hotel, we get a wide assortment of items that are lost and many people calling about their property. In between this, we have a small amount of items that are shipped out to their owners.

First off, many items are not lost by the person who first registered when they came in. In this age of divorce and blended families, not everyone in the room shares a common surname. So when Mary Smith loses something in the resort that is registered under Charlie Walker, we have no way to contact the guest. We also run under the assumption that the person just wanted to save some money on baggage and left their items. So we pack it up and keep it in a storage area.

Imagine getting bags and bags of items daily and one storage area. So space is at a premium. This means that at some point the items have to go! Some items are claimed by the employees and some just get placed out for people to rummage through. Others get donated to partners in the Non-Profit Sector.

With this in mind, time should not be taken lightly. I have had some wishy-washy calls in which the former guest explained that they visited 8 months ago and they are wondering if we still had their shoes. Sorry but those shoes checked out 7 months ago!

I also had a former guest call and ask if we found a car key last year. Why did they wait so long? Because they had a spare but decided to get a new one and were shocked by the price and now felt it was important to call the places that they visited.

Poor move!

What Should You Do?

  • Contact the hotel as soon as possible!
  • Be specific. Where you think the item was. The brand name. The size and color. Anything that can differentiate your item from others that are similar. We have people asking for goggles that are blue when in the summer we get a bucket full of blue goggles a month.
  • Understand that it may time to find the item if it was not mistakenly thrown out.

Theft and Perspective

I do realize that not every employee is honest but in a reputable business most of the employees are. They know that they can claim an item and see it a while later. So I had to chuckle when a lady said something like:

This dress is a Betsy Johnson dress and I am sure the ladies took it!

Most of our staff is comprised of ladies over 50. Most are from South America and they would only notice a dress that did not fit them. The team sees lots of clothes. Sometimes unclaimed property that is put out sits for days…Gap, Armani, etc. The team just has no use for them nor the time to collect tons of clothes for a garage sale that will probably never happen. If it can not fit an immediate family member…it sits until it is bagged up and donated.


The items in bags on the floor were being divided up to the employees who claim them so the room is normally not that messy! Ha ha!



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