Noise to Note #116

Noise to Note!

In my past ramblings in Noise to Note!, I have discussed chemistry in a band and the changes that can happen when one removes one person or one primary song writer.

Changing a lead singer is often the most jarring to fans.

The sound changes and the one singular unit becomes two entities. The fans split and gravitate towards one or the other based upon preference.

Bruce Dickinson is an incredible person and he is by far the stronger singer of Iron Maiden. But early Iron Maiden had something not found in the later version that only Paul Dianno could deliver. Swagger maybe?

Early Iron Maiden was a reflection of the Late 70s and early 1980s. Heavy Metal was becoming its own genre and hardcore punk was gaining steam. Iron Maiden was born out of the two and seemed to straddle both realms. Far before the Crossover movement happened with D.R.I., Nuclear Assault, and  S.O.D.

Iron Maiden – Running Free.


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2 Responses to Noise to Note #116

  1. Never heard of this band, bit heavy for me

    • 1stpeaksteve says:

      I can not believe that you have never heard of this band! Well, I am sure metal is not your genre. But one day you should attend a concert and do some crowd surfing! Just mind your head when they drop you…it can be brutal!

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