Noise to Note! #125

Noise to Note!

Growing up, I reached my teen years in a transitional time in the music industry. Many  rock groups that were considered the status quo were confused by MTV and an army of pale, thin guys with hair styles that were keeping the hair spray companies in business. The music was scaled down and filled with synthesizers. This lead to a lot of bands abandoning their signature sounds for more poppy styles.

Before the New Wave revolution swept through, American bands such as REO Speedwagon and Styx were hard rocking arena bands. Then with a few shifts in personnel, they found themselves as pop rock heroes which made some of their core audience shake their heads.

Journey was perhaps at their height of popularity in the mid-80s. But early Journey was truly a marvel. Perhaps, if history just remained the same, they would have been viewed as an American version of Queen, another band that changed their musical direction. At the time, Journey had two singers. Gregg Rollie and Steve Perry would bounce off each other to create wonderful story lines in their songs. Later, Greg would exit and John Caine would enter and the band would chug off into MTV heavy rotation.

Journey – Feeling that Way/Anytime



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