Training Your Baby


Born to be a doctor??

Recently, I visited a friend who is a very prominent doctor. He gave me a tour of his field of expertise and was very proud of speaking of his accomplishments and of his practice.

We reached the nursery and he led me to a vast open window.

See them all! We are shaping the world right here!

I peered into the first rows and saw them. Babies in scrubs. Some studying medical charts.

And those? I pointed to the middle section.

See the wrenches and other tools? Naturals! All of them! Those are baby mechanics.

I smiled.

Seeing the baby lawyers directing the baby executives was rather entertaining. All of these children! All ready to take on their natural roles in this society.


I was born with a plastic wrench in my mouth!


No person is the same. Some might have a disposition or physical condition that might not make them the best fit for a certain job. For example, having extremely poor vision might not make for the best airline pilot but beyond this, we are not born as a doctor, a maid, or a mechanic. We train ourselves to learn the skills and knowledge to become a doctor, a maid, or a mechanic.

I AM BAD AT _____________.

My whole younger life I was plagued by a fixed-growth mindset. I am not a math person. I am not good at basketball. I hate public speaking.

Then I reached College and in front of me was some hurdles. One being math. So I had a choice and that was to learn to do math or give up. The University was not going to change their policies for me.

So for the first time, I had to find a tutor. I had to fail and try harder. Finally, I passed. Passing taught me that indeed I could do it if I put in the effort. Just as I begun to take part in public speaking and other activities that I did not care for. Some things I still did not care for but I did see that it was not as bad as I thought before. You do not have to like everything.

When I was brought into my current company, I was part of a segment of the hotel industry that I had no real interest in and that is Housekeeping and more specifically; that would be Laundry. I did not mind checking the rooms…I have the skill set to do this; I really was not a fan of the making the beds and the linen involved.

After a while, I saddled up to the folding table and asked to be shown how to fold the towels and wash cloths. Soon I was jumping in when needed. The whole time I thought to myself that folding is way better than sorting at least. Sorting seemed lame. As time went by, I was sorting. As of late, I have been sorting more than folding because I realized it is a critical task. Now it is no big deal to me at all. The reason was because I stepped up to learn. I see it as a new skill that I can use in the future.

So think about your views on learning and what you do not like doing. Changing you mindset can give you a whole different perspective and improve your confidence when change comes knocking on your door.






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The Side Wedge is a product of the journey through life of Steve Zima. Former professional surfer, writer, and Operational Management specialist; this is an eclectic collection of travel tips, surf coaching, and stories from my past. I also spotlight music that moves me and world events. Thanks for reading!
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2 Responses to Training Your Baby

  1. It’s even worse when you’re told frequently you’re not very good at that _______ by a teacher, I try a different teacher to make sure I can do things that the one other person thinks I can’t.

    • 1stpeaksteve says:

      That is something a teacher should never say! Their job is to guide you in learning a new process. It is up to the student to put in the correct amount of effort to learn it!

      I would have moved on too!

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