Being There


I wish I could snap a picture of my employees during their lunch break. Mind you…the youngest in the group is in their mid-twenties and others are in their sixties.

The room is mainly silent. Except for a few moments of chatting. Then there is some occasional laughter. Laughing in regards to a video they have just watched.

Everyone is connected to some place. To the past. To a post. To a video. Yet, they are unconnected to the present going on right in front of them.


On the flipside, a mother stands on the shore watching the world through her camera. A surfer, her daughter, catches a wave and something incredible happens behind her. A Manta Ray has made his way closer to shore than usual. And in a split-second he breaches and it is captured by a person dialed into what is happening around him.


A few people took other photos of this rare occurrence as the Manta Ray swam within a few feet of the shore. Then, turned around and disappeared.


Maybe the video will be uploaded and manipulated with funny music and some over-modulated noises. And later enjoyed in a silent break room. To people who are connecting.

And who took these great photos?? Natasha Long took them of her daughter, Jasmine.


About 1stpeaksteve

The Side Wedge is a product of the journey through life of Steve Zima. Former professional surfer, writer, and Operational Management specialist; this is an eclectic collection of travel tips, surf coaching, and stories from my past. I also spotlight music that moves me and world events. Thanks for reading!
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