Stubbies Pro Trails


Lou Bell, Matt Kechele, and myself at one of the Stubbies Trials.

Recently I found an old YouTube video of the Stubbies Pro Trails which brought back a huge flood of emotions. Mainly…a lot of cringing.

You see, I also have found a lot of old videos of myself surfing and old super 8 films as well.

I have been through a lot of phases and surfed through a lot of the evolutionary moments of surfing. Some were great and some were well-intentioned but really missed the mark.


Me riding the sucky twin fin. Yet, still getting 5th place.

As a grom, I thought I had a good style and for a kid I was able to surf in a mature manner. Then came my twin fin phase and the contests. My first board (after moving to Florida) was awful. Sure it worked in some conditions but the star systems fins seemed to break like crazy and the wide point was to far forward. My second twin was great. It is similar to what I ride today. An aquatic skateboard. Then came my big break – a sponsorship with Natural Art.

My first boards were duds. This was due to Rich not knowing my surf style but even more due to me not knowing what to order. Plus, my spastic surfing did not compliment the boards either. I also had a wonderful gift of damaging my boards so I was borrowing boards that were completely wrong for me. This goes hand in hand with some of the surfing in the video. Talented surfing and a lot of extra hand motions. Many of the surfers featured in this video molted into smooth as butter rail surfers. It was just the times. Flat twin fins with surfers being judged on how much they could move their boards around. Going with that, the video of me during this time frame makes me cringe to say the least.

Thankfully, Rich Price began shaping me some thrusters and the rest is history.

Finally when you reach the end of this video, check out my dad! He is wearing the Stubbies purple tank top and he has on a blue hat. He is holding the trophies that Pat Mulhern and Charlie Kuhn received. I was somewhere off camera watching.



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