So much is going on in the world and within my life these past few months that I could churn out 10,000 posts. The problem for me becomes what is really important. And what is important as far as investing my energy is concerned.

This is a time of change for me. The onboarding process for my new job has been very slow. I attended a memorial service for my the father of one of my friends and once again seeing people at the service had a profound effect on me. Dolores O Riordan passed away. The president is not making me happy. This alone could be countless posts!

But really, what is worth my time and energy?

Then I saw this written by Harley Flanagan who is the lead singer of the hardcore band, The Cro-Mags.

Wishing death on someone, even someone you hate is not only bad for you spiritually and mentally, but pointless. Their death is inevitable, and so is yours. Instead wish that they somehow will become a better person. We all die, we don’t all become better people.

– Harley Flanagan

Sadly, we do not all become better people. Some simply do not want to improve. Some will not stand up when they see injustices taking place. So the amount of effort one puts towards changing or enlightening others should be minimal if you can see they are not receptive or do not want to listen to your offerings.

Sometimes you have to put more effort into improving yourself and being more positive to others with your increased energy.


About 1stpeaksteve

Welcome to The Side Wedge! The Side Wedge is a product of the journey through life of Steve Zima. Former professional surfer, a writer, surf coach, and hospitality manager. This is a collection of travel tips, motivation, and stories from my past. Finally, I offer surf coaching through The Side Wedge. Please feel free to contact me with questions if you want to improve your performance today! Thanks for reading!
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4 Responses to Filler

  1. Jessica says:

    I know what you mean! If I had all the time and energy in the world, and an anonymous blog, I would say a lot more than I currently do in my writing. The Harley Flanagan quote is on point… Good luck with the new job, though. I must have missed that post. What are you doing now?

    • 1stpeaksteve says:

      So true about the anonymous blog and the time!

      As for the job, it is an odd one but it pays excellent. I am the Supervisor of the City of Orlando. Basically, I have all the public sidewalks in our downtown and I am responsible for the presentation. I have a lot to learn but I am pleased. Now I just have to start! Slooow process.

      • Jessica says:

        Very nice! Sounds quite a bit different than what you were doing before. Fresh starts are good but can be tough and, yes, slooow in the beginning. I know!

      • 1stpeaksteve says:

        Well, the excellent thing is the pay is a lot more and it is 15 minutes from my house. A huge plus!

        But, my funds are getting low as I wait and I am borrowing a friends car. My car died again on New Years Eve. So I am waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

        But I am also thankful. Finding employment can rough these days. So I have to count my blessings!

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