Full Speed Ahead!

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My New Work View




That is about all I can say.

When you are in dire straits, broke, and things are not going your way; it seems your life comes to a stand still. You sit at home. Things break and you do not fix it. You fall into a monotonous trap. You are stuck but the world moves on.

These few months that does not seem to be the case. As for me, I want to write about things but a few days later something else pops up. So for now, I will just write a few short blurbs on what is going on with me.

Surfing – The only low in my life but with sunny days seemingly not far off.

When I was dead broke, I had to make some decisions. One was my board. My shaper seemingly had bailed on me and my board was falling apart. So I had to get something to get me through as they say. I chose a board that experimental and a Firewire. Firewire boards are as tough as nails. I just do not like them. So I began to ride it and it was never a good fit. As for quickly replacing it?? Never happened and I was stuck with a dud.

So one day as I was leaving the water, I spotted an old pro surfing friend who shapes boards. He basically told me why I hated my board and spelled out what he believed would be good for me. We shook hands and I drove home thinking about what he told me. By the next day we had made a deal and today he texted me that my board is almost completed. So happy times are once again on the horizon for good old Steve.

When the board is done, I asked him to do something different with the art work on the board. I will post a picture of it. It is for an interesting reason.

Work – Parts of my new job are not easy but it is different. You can handle some adversity when you feel like someone is appreciating what you are doing. This was absent in my last job. I also am working on projects that have real meaning to the community. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed going to work and this has been a breath of fresh air.

My Poor, Poor Wife – For years with the problems at hand, our life has been a roller coaster ride. Most of the time, the roller coaster was broken down and we were sitting in the car waiting for repairs. Now, suddenly it has shifted gears and it seems every few weeks something positive happens. This morning I checked my email and we seem to be scheduled for an interview in Rio de Janiero in a few months. So finally it seems we are on the track to being like every normal couple and we can throw things at each other in person!

So that is that!

I hope to write some more soon!



About 1stpeaksteve

Welcome to The Side Wedge! The Side Wedge is a product of the journey through life of Steve Zima. Former professional surfer, a writer, surf coach, and hospitality manager. This is a collection of travel tips, motivation, and stories from my past. Finally, I offer surf coaching through The Side Wedge. Please feel free to contact me with questions if you want to improve your performance today! Thanks for reading!
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