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Improve Your Surfing – And More! Pt. 1

  Surfing is not an easy sport. So I will start off with the disclaimer: If you are out of shape or have an injury; please consult a professional and get it done the correct way. Do not wing it … Continue reading

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A Day in the Office

A Sense of Purpose I am by no means an expert in time management! However, I can say that I am an expert in having a sense of purpose. You see, many people take up sports or hobbies in their life and … Continue reading

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Surf Training-Learning to Count to 1

Why Count to 1? Ever watch Mick Fanning or Kelly Slater surf? What makes Kelly or Mick so good in your average beach break and the average surfer so hit and miss? Well, there are several things that stand out right … Continue reading

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