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Lessons Learned – How Surfing has Helped in Life

It was a sticky, humid summer day and the Stubbies Surf Trails had been put on hold due to the conditions. My friend and I had paddled out and caught a few waves with a small group of surfers at … Continue reading

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From the Scrapbook #5

Every once in a while, I was treated to something special. I would run across Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Mark Lydell, Louie Ferreria, and Vince Klyne. It seemed that every wave had some sort of layback being performed. I had to follow … Continue reading

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Free Stevie! Back to the Sea!

  These past few years have been a huge disaster in my life and that could be putting it mildly. At first though, I was a stressed unemployed person; which most are when they are looking for a job. There … Continue reading

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King Kelly Creates a Crowd

On 2ndlight.com, there was a thread in the surf forum in regards to one surfers ability to find which break was the best and he was scoring super fun waves while the rest of the residents of Florida were surfing … Continue reading

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