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Stubbies Pro Trails

Recently I found an old YouTube video of the Stubbies Pro Trails which brought back a huge flood of emotions. Mainly…a lot of cringing. You see, I also have found a lot of old videos of myself surfing and old … Continue reading

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Farewell to Dick Catri

    Although the hub of┬áBrevard County surfing was only a few miles to the south, I sat in crystal clear water without a soul to be seen as far as the eyes could see. Sets poured in. I rode … Continue reading

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Gift in a Box

Way back in a small box, under other boxes; lies a few minutes captured. The video is of my friends and I skateboarding. Our times came together and now over time we have all grown up and followed different paths. … Continue reading

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Oh, The Places You Will Go – Part 2

  I shudder to think of how many places I visited and never took a photo. I used to take my camera on trips. I worried about the camera being stolen when I surfed and I did not want to … Continue reading

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Florida Pro – The Game Changer

For myself and for my father and family, the Florida Pro was our big game changer and would set the course for a good part of my adult life. Right before moving to Florida, I joined the Hawaiian Surfing Association … Continue reading

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My Little Project – More Info

So I am by no means an expert in digital editing or production work so I am just toying around with my el cheapo software. So what you are watching is by no means what will come out later. I … Continue reading

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Next Project

  In my youthful days, I painstakingly spent hours going through VHS tape and then using a camera and a vcr; I stitched together a wobbly, shaking masterpiece featuring my surfing and poor editing to boot! These past few years, … Continue reading

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