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Noise to Note! #143

I was thinking to myself the other day…What have I not listened to in a long time? Then I thought that it had been a while since I turned some people on to what I like to listen to. Let … Continue reading

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Words From Our CEO

Hello Wedgies! Or Wedganoids, or whatever else you are interested in being addressed as… First off, as asked by my buddy Mulletkiller…What is going on with your site? No activity! Well, I must report that I am alive and this … Continue reading

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A Few Steps Forward

A few days ago, I was at work counting down for the best moment to make my departure. The swell from the hurricanes was waning and I wanted to get in a few last drops of what energy was left. … Continue reading

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Being There

I wish I could snap a picture of my employees during their lunch break. Mind you…the youngest in the group is in their mid-twenties and others are in their sixties. The room is mainly silent. Except for a few moments … Continue reading

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The Year in Review Post – 2016

This post will probably sound like the same post from the past few years. But in many ways it is not. The Side Wedge is still going. As a free WordPress site. The SideWedge.com could help me along in some … Continue reading

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Noise to Note! #130

Here in Florida, one of our first cool downs has come and the weather is 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. So when the temps drop; we start to think of places far away. With warmer temps, blue water, and palms. … Continue reading

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Eyes Ahead!

This is a very poor picture but it really illustrates a point that separates¬† we hero surfers on Mount Olympus and the sad masses below that are doomed to a life of blowing turns and struggling in the surf. As … Continue reading

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