Just a kid wandering through a jungle on a school day…

I have spoken many times about my rough start to surfing and to entering the teen years and also about the changes it brought. I will not lie. I was not always the best person in the world but I was a kid. A kid who like most kids feels that sense of invincibility and who also might feel that they are more capable than they actually are. And for me, I went from being someone who was very ignored and left out to being the center of attention within a few short years.

Unsettled and divided.

This is my life.

But always living on different sides of the fence. Climbing back and forth.

Being a normal teen at school and being some place far away. Being with my friends at the beach and climbing into my bed at home in an inland city. Never completely belonging anywhere.

To this day it is still like this. But as a kid, it was something I had to adapt to. Some of it was going on and at the time I had no idea how big it was until it was all over. Some things just happened. For the team mates of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, it was just some stars aligning that brought them all together and I just happened to crash land at a good moment. Stories for books I guess.

Now I am climbing the walls again. Trying to regain some small portion of what I once had. Because the life on this side that I am currently stuck in is not for me.





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Free Ride?

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

You have a wonderful collection of stickers! Now get to work!!

This is to bring some clarity on a subject matter that no one really told me about as a grommet. As a grizzled veteran of the surf industry, I can now look back and see clear mistakes that I made and other kids made as well.

I really can not remember details but at some point in my early teens I was sponsored by a local Burger King to skate on their team. I can only remember the stickers that were planted on my board of the king himself. So Burger King was my first official sponsor.

From there I was picked up by a surfboard company and have had the pleasure of working with many brands. Some were a great fit. Some were not. Many went under during the course of my relationship with them.

The Free Gear!

First off, to state the obvious. When you are picked up by a team and are given something for free or at a discount; you have now entered into a different status. You are now employed because no one really gives you anything for free. So now, you have to work for what you were given.


Even if you are the anti-hero type and wear punk clothes and flip off the cameras; your job is to now bring business to whomever is giving you gear. So whatever you think the parameters are, it is a great idea to work diligently within them.

At some point, I know I did one crucial no-no. I knew I was a good surfer and was bringing people into the shop so I began to grow tired of the circus that would occur every time the photographers would show up. So my move was to just avoid it all and surf.

The problem was that most industries, jobs, and even relationships work on a level of involvement. If you are not front and center, then you are soon forgotten. So being involved and showing a level of caring will go a long, long way.

The Jumper

This brings up another mistake that I saw many kids do. There they were at practice, pitching in and building relationships. Then came a big event and voila!! They were on a board from another company or with a different sponsor. Many sports operate in a bordered environment. So your reputation can quickly go south if you keep jumping ship and moving to other teams at any offer that seems better than what you are getting. No one wants to invest in someone and have them leave before getting anything out of the deal.

The Bottom Line

Treat your sponsors and your team status as a job and an opportunity. Be involved. Go on social media and plug them and explain why you are happy to be a part of their team. Get your friends stoked on them as well.

Also, treat them like a friend. Write an e-mail explaining what you are doing or drop in and tell them in person. Send pictures! Send a picture of you using their products.

In the long run, you can set yourself up for a job or more. I had a great relationship with a few management types who remembered me when they moved on to other companies and brought me to their new gigs.

It is all about what you make it.

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Just One More!

Summertime in Florida is about afternoon storms and a heat index of 85 right at sundown. But sometimes the rain clears out early, the lake glasses off, and the temperature drops down a few extra degrees.

As for the song, it was not picked out by me. The captain piped in a barrage of his favorite old time hair metal songs and Warrant was on when they began to film.


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Noise to Note! #127

Noise to Note!

A month is a pretty good chunk of time. A lot can happen and well…a lot did happen. But alas, I have returned!

To get the ball rolling again, I go waaaaaaaaaaay back for me.

When I was a tiny lad, the musical landscape ranged from Abba and The Grateful Dead to Tony Orlando and Dawn. And I was content to take in all of the feel good music. Until the day I witnessed something so different that it made me stop dead in my tracks. 4 aliens on a stage playing a blistering brand of rock and roll.

A purchase of Kiss Alive soon followed and the rest is history. Most in our current times will not fathom the grounds that some bands broke during their heyday. They see members of bands on reality shows. The members seemingly lumbering incoherently about and looking a bit lost. But to be transported back in time would allow one to witness a brand of showmanship that were never done at such a level before. Kiss was a machine.

Firehouse from Kiss.

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Training Your Baby


Born to be a doctor??

Recently, I visited a friend who is a very prominent doctor. He gave me a tour of his field of expertise and was very proud of speaking of his accomplishments and of his practice.

We reached the nursery and he led me to a vast open window.

See them all! We are shaping the world right here!

I peered into the first rows and saw them. Babies in scrubs. Some studying medical charts.

And those? I pointed to the middle section.

See the wrenches and other tools? Naturals! All of them! Those are baby mechanics.

I smiled.

Seeing the baby lawyers directing the baby executives was rather entertaining. All of these children! All ready to take on their natural roles in this society.


I was born with a plastic wrench in my mouth!


No person is the same. Some might have a disposition or physical condition that might not make them the best fit for a certain job. For example, having extremely poor vision might not make for the best airline pilot but beyond this, we are not born as a doctor, a maid, or a mechanic. We train ourselves to learn the skills and knowledge to become a doctor, a maid, or a mechanic.

I AM BAD AT _____________.

My whole younger life I was plagued by a fixed-growth mindset. I am not a math person. I am not good at basketball. I hate public speaking.

Then I reached College and in front of me was some hurdles. One being math. So I had a choice and that was to learn to do math or give up. The University was not going to change their policies for me.

So for the first time, I had to find a tutor. I had to fail and try harder. Finally, I passed. Passing taught me that indeed I could do it if I put in the effort. Just as I begun to take part in public speaking and other activities that I did not care for. Some things I still did not care for but I did see that it was not as bad as I thought before. You do not have to like everything.

When I was brought into my current company, I was part of a segment of the hotel industry that I had no real interest in and that is Housekeeping and more specifically; that would be Laundry. I did not mind checking the rooms…I have the skill set to do this; I really was not a fan of the making the beds and the linen involved.

After a while, I saddled up to the folding table and asked to be shown how to fold the towels and wash cloths. Soon I was jumping in when needed. The whole time I thought to myself that folding is way better than sorting at least. Sorting seemed lame. As time went by, I was sorting. As of late, I have been sorting more than folding because I realized it is a critical task. Now it is no big deal to me at all. The reason was because I stepped up to learn. I see it as a new skill that I can use in the future.

So think about your views on learning and what you do not like doing. Changing you mindset can give you a whole different perspective and improve your confidence when change comes knocking on your door.





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Noise to Note! #126

Noise to Note!

As I strolled through the crowd, I heard one guy say to another…

Man! I see so many familiar faces. But I do not remember the names. I know them from somewhere but I want to go up and ask them where do I know you from?

Yesterday was this. But I did go up to familiar faces and reconnected with many after countless years apart along with old friends who I have drifted off from. Many just chats on Facebook.

When Robert Rohmann left us this past week, it left many of us feeling lost at what happened. A huge party was to be thrown for his recovery and it was held as a fund raiser to help his family with his departing.

But as yesterday proved, Robert left us all with a gift. A gift of connecting and reconnecting the living.

So this is the video of the turnout. Great people. Maybe one surfing champion. Friends.

Years Around the Sun – Miles Away

Thanks Wes Henry for the video. I am amazed at how fast you created it.

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Noise to Note! #125

Noise to Note!

Growing up, I reached my teen years in a transitional time in the music industry. Many  rock groups that were considered the status quo were confused by MTV and an army of pale, thin guys with hair styles that were keeping the hair spray companies in business. The music was scaled down and filled with synthesizers. This lead to a lot of bands abandoning their signature sounds for more poppy styles.

Before the New Wave revolution swept through, American bands such as REO Speedwagon and Styx were hard rocking arena bands. Then with a few shifts in personnel, they found themselves as pop rock heroes which made some of their core audience shake their heads.

Journey was perhaps at their height of popularity in the mid-80s. But early Journey was truly a marvel. Perhaps, if history just remained the same, they would have been viewed as an American version of Queen, another band that changed their musical direction. At the time, Journey had two singers. Gregg Rollie and Steve Perry would bounce off each other to create wonderful story lines in their songs. Later, Greg would exit and John Caine would enter and the band would chug off into MTV heavy rotation.

Journey – Feeling that Way/Anytime


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