Noise to Note! #134

Noise to Note!

If you want to be played on the radio you need to create a 3 minute song.

You need a good 3 minute song for a movie soundtrack.

If you have something say to say or you want to create a musical work; you make go as long as it needs to. Maybe 5 minutes? Maybe like Yes did…you make a song that covers an entire side of one album.

Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).

A bit longer than 3 minutes but worth every extra second.


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Being There


I wish I could snap a picture of my employees during their lunch break. Mind you…the youngest in the group is in their mid-twenties and others are in their sixties.

The room is mainly silent. Except for a few moments of chatting. Then there is some occasional laughter. Laughing in regards to a video they have just watched.

Everyone is connected to some place. To the past. To a post. To a video. Yet, they are unconnected to the present going on right in front of them.


On the flipside, a mother stands on the shore watching the world through her camera. A surfer, her daughter, catches a wave and something incredible happens behind her. A Manta Ray has made his way closer to shore than usual. And in a split-second he breaches and it is captured by a person dialed into what is happening around him.


A few people took other photos of this rare occurrence as the Manta Ray swam within a few feet of the shore. Then, turned around and disappeared.


Maybe the video will be uploaded and manipulated with funny music and some over-modulated noises. And later enjoyed in a silent break room. To people who are connecting.

And who took these great photos?? Natasha Long took them of her daughter, Jasmine.

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Renewal in Murky Waters

If you have followed my blog for a while, you would read that every holiday I have a surf with my buddy Scott. Scott and I are long-time friends and have traveled and gone through the ups and downs of life together. My musical posts called Noise to Note! are inspired by the long road trips we would take to surf contests in other


Sometimes you do not need the biggest wave to have a fun time.

states. We would pass the time by rattling off the most obscure songs we could think of to stump the other person or to sing some song that really should have been forgotten by the public and never relived.  And you never wanted to be branded a repeat offender; which was when you sang the same song twice.

As for this trip, it seemed to mirror our current lives. A very fast meetup between the chaos. Directly after our surf, Scott would have to pack and leave back to California.

Par to the course, the swell had long declined and as the sun broke over a foggy sky; we began to wade out into the chilly, murky water. As we approached the trough that dipped down before the next sandbar, we saw swirls and movement in front of us. We watched apprehensively to see if the culprits would surface so we could identify them. Then a few darting bodies revealed some large bluefish and then a fin or two. Was it the most famous residents of New Smyrna??? No! It was a few tarpon.

Nervously we walked forward and jumped into the fish tank and paddled across the trench.

During the course of the session, the sky let out a drizzle and turned a steel gray. Dolphins popped up besides us and plodded through the surf line. And small groomed waves pushed together and gave us enough juice to pull off some turns.

As we drove home, we returned to our conversation. After dropping Scott off, I drove home with a feeling of peace that lasted through the rest of the day.

The surf was not the best. The trip was far to short. But the nervous leap of faith into a murky sea was what I needed more than anything lately. Along with having a person to really talk to.

It is to simple to focus so much on work and problems and in the process one can find that they are not experiencing life. That is why a day with a friend can be exactly what one needs to renew themselves.


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Noise to Note! #133

Noise to Note!

Geez…This is it. The final day of our measured year.

I can plainly see the downfalls of trying to right a partially sunken ship. As you focus on one particular battle in your life, you lose the focus on other areas. Relationships, fun, maintaining, and growth are halted.

I feel this way with my site and my writing. As long as you aware then that is key. So 2017 will be about polishing the ships deck while pumping out the water.

So to end the year, I am picking a new band instead of an older band like Buffalo Springfield. However, there is always those moments that you experienced in the past that helped shaped you and people that trampled the path before you to help you set your course and those people deserve a tip of the hat.

So my pick is a new band with some traces of The Jesus and Mary Chain and other low-fi bands.

Tomorrows Tulips – Check Me Out.

And to my followers, friends, and anyone who just drops by to read some nonsense…

Happy New Year!

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Slow Ride…Take it Easy!


Recently I found a few old shots of me surfing on a day that even by Florida standards one would consider miserable. Yet, there are a few take aways from these sad specimens.

From the shot above, one can clearly see the momentum I am carrying as I take the high line over the teeny tiny section. You can also see the dribbler in the background and you can get a good picture of the awful surf I am taking care of business in.

The Need for Speed!

I have never been a person struggling to get down the line. In fact, my surfing has been about slowing down my surfing as to not blow through sections without getting a turn in. Or when wakesurfing, not turning and then plowing into the back of the boat.


When you have speed, you can snap turns off the most dismal sections.


And those awful days can be enough to wet your surfing appetite.

During the course of the existence of this literary masterpiece of a website; I have written some posts that were vital to a surfer such as The Simple Shark Test Made Easy and of course my most popular post which just featured a picture of a closed sign for a store. But this one really is a good one for any surfer who is more mortal than Mick Fanning.

Take the High Road

And please, feel free to dig about and enjoy the old blurry pictures and ridiculous stories along with posts that contain some great hints for packing surfboards down to doing turns correctly.

Or…marvel at a picture of a closed sign.

Still has thousands of searches!

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The Year in Review Post – 2016

This post will probably sound like the same post from the past few years. But in many ways it is not.

The Side Wedge is still going. As a free WordPress site. The could help me along in some degrees financially but my site mirrors the reality of my current situation at this second and that is trying to keep as many pennies in my pocket as I can. I am using the term at this second because as I have written many times before in various posts; life is subject to change. I feel that now a change for the positive is looming ever closer. Not here yet but out there close enough to feel it.

I always have had ideas for this site. To make videos to show proper surfing technique. Even to go further into surf coaching and another larger concept but these things have been put on the back burner while I dig myself out of the hole that has enveloped me for a long time now.

I dream of getting a GoPro camera one day and converting my old videos to make a surf video to document my past experiences. I have a lot of old media that needs to be saved.

Also, I wrote on one of my yearly reviews about some of my earlier followers whom I watched rocket on to far more success with their blogs and within the blogging community only to disappear. Maybe they used their blog to launch into something larger. Like being the CEO of a small entertainment company or they became writers for a television show. Who knows? All I know is that they had thousands of followers and then the posts just stopped.

For me, it is a bit different. I love to write. I do not have an audience of thousands but I have some pretty cool people who read my posts. Varied people with cool experiences and reading your posts in return makes me stoked.

So next year, I will once again strive to make my goals come to fruition. If not, I will keep trying and I will keep writing. Minus the paid trips, product endorsements, flashy videos, and a blog that earns me even a nickel.

I have plenty of good stories untold, a surfboard, and a local beach infested with sharks. Plenty of material for a year of writing.

Merry Christmas to everyone who has supported me and to the folks who just drop by and peruse my humble site!



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Season of Giving



The web is loaded with great people with huge stories! I overcame despair and misery and you can too by following my steps!

Well, read my story and understand that I desire to be one of those people. The reality is that this holiday season once again will be a season of struggle. In fact, the goals and stakes are far greater than normal for me.

Once, I was in a far different place and space. I was giving but also complacent. I had a job that was magical yet I viewed it as being mundane. In fact, I picked people for an event and it sometimes lead to them crying and hugging me. Yet, I was more concerned with attendance, numbers, and scores.

One day after a show, we had to clear out the people to clean to and to prepare the set for the next one. As I was coming to a seat, I came across a young couple. An ordinary couple with the wife in a wheelchair. They were speaking loudly and the woman was on the verge of tears. I approached them and calmly informed them it was time to close the area. The lady looked dejected.

I asked what was wrong and they told me that they had visited our sister park but due to the husbands physical issues he could not help his wife do the things she dreamed about doing there because it would have required him to be able to move her while she was out of the wheelchair.

As I soaked in their words, my mind began to race because I knew that out of anyone; I could do something. So I asked them to stay seated and went and made a few calls and they ending up getting a backstage tour.

Later, they thanked me profusely and the lady hugged me. She looked up through tear soaked eyes and promised me should write the best letter ever about what I had to done to help them.


Then the days went by…and nothing. No letter. No thanks.

A few months passed and I spoke to another employee who was mad. She had went way out of her way to help some people and in the end they treated her like dirt. Then I told her my story to one up hers. She listened and then said that after that she bets that I would never do that again.

I thought about the lady. Her words and how she could barely contain her emotions.

You know…I would do it again. I did it because it was the right thing to do for them and it did not require a payback.

Years later I was unemployed and desperately searching for a new focus. At first, I was just sending out resumes. But as time went on and desperation began to set in, I began to attend seminars and job fairs. At one event, I met a group called Christian Help that ran a food pantry and also served the community by coaching people that were trying to start over.

During one of these seminars, we spoke about doing what gives us happiness and also learning what your strengths are. I began to think about people that I helped. Employees, interns, and of course guests like the couple. I also thought about my old job and the magic it brought to people. I was lucky to have had such a job because many do not.

This lead to a stint of 3 years as a counselor in the computer lab. During this time, I was trying to recover from the process of being unemployed myself. I worked for free before my long day at work in the opposite direction of my house. On paper something that seemed to be counter-productive. Yet this position helped in ways that money could not.

Helping and encouraging fueled my own battery.

That was because my job was not where I wanted to be. So on nights when I was unhappy about the position. Working hours where no one could see my performance; I often just was thankful to be working and I thought that eventually someone would notice what I was doing.

I want to start by saying the customer service we received at this hotel is probably the BEST we have ever had. From the time we checked in until now, two months after our trip, everyone has been first class! This company is lucky to have great employees like Steven Zima working for them.. Now on to the resort. This place is a great place to visit if you are traveling with a family or just as a couple. They have two separate buildings one ocean front that is a bit quieter or the main building that is attached to all the family fun.. this place truly was amazing! It exceeded our expectations by far and we will be returning to stay again..


This came from a family that stayed with us and was posted on Trip Advisor.

I was presented with an event that was a big bummer for the family and although I did not cause the issue; I helped them out. Just seeing the family happy and thanking me was good enough. Then they sent me an e-mail and later this appeared. What will I probably get from this? Probably nothing from my company. I do win the knowledge that I am impacting people. That is good enough!

We all have the ability to help someone else in some way. Further more, it will cost you nothing. As does recognizing someone for something good they did to help you or for going the extra mile.

My Christmas will not be easy but getting through it will be fuel to help me overcome other obstacles.

And who knows, with some hard work and a good positive manner; maybe some actions might lead the way to me writing my own success posts. Minus the pay to be a winner program!


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