Noise to Note! #105

Noise to Note!

Calm music to ease fast times.

Labisch – Rain.

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Working Together


Fall had finally arrived here in Florida. A weather system to our north pushed groomed sets around Cape Canaveral and straight into southern Brevard County.

I arrived beachside very early in the morning. As I drove down A-1A, I found parking lot after parking lot to be full which is pretty crazy for a Thursday. Then I pulled into a popular park and found some empty spaces which was odd considering the crowds at the less popular spots.

The place was a buzzing. People quickly got changed to get into the water. Once I paddled out, I felt the same vibe as perfect waves spun past me. The water was alive. It was also alive with fish. Schools of baitfish to be precise. Every few minutes a dolphin would breach or a large Tarpon would roll and suck in the prized fish.

So I went to work.

After about an hour, I sat watching the horizon for some signs of a incoming set. The current was sweeping southwards and the schools of mullet were off in that same direction. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a small black blob began to form just below the surface and a few fish jumped out of the water. The blob spread quickly and now was over thirty feet in diameter. Then the action started. Angry tails and fins whipped through the black and fish were jumping for their lives.

It did not take long for this cauldron to overtake me. All around me were splashes and the water fizzed like a Jacuzzi.

Then came a set. I assumed the push up position and balanced my limbs away from the water. Then I noticed to my left a torpedo shape knifing through the fish. A shark.

Sharks normally can see what is going on but in this situation; they close their eyes and just swim and eat. The shark whipped back and forth and very quickly I drew a line from him to me. Collision course!

So I readied myself and then we collided with a thump. The shark realizing that he has ran into something stopping him from his quest to engorge himself and me wanting to keep out his way.

So I began to let him work his way by and I moved my board to let him pass under. All the while trying to keep my hands free of his mouth.

So after a few moments, it was over. The shark got by and the bait pod moved on with the current. Then the churning subsided and disappeared leaving me sitting in a calm ocean.

I had to regroup for a few minutes of course but calmed down knowing that this was just a meeting of two different worlds at the beach. The shark wanting to get the fish and me wanting to get the waves. Neither having any interest in bothering the other.

I went back to work again and actually caught one of the best waves of the day right after the incident.

Thus is fall in Florida.

Here is a video to show what you can expect if you are caught in the middle of a bait pod. Video by BlacktipH.

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Escape Plan on a Short Leash


I just got off work and had to put some air in my tires because one looked a bit low. I  jumped into my car and within minutes I was driving past the algae covered trailers that comprised the trailer park and was heading to the convenience store. After selecting a few items to munch on during the long drive home, I joined the single-file line waiting to be greeted by the clerk.

Man, they had blocked me in! Can you believe it!

The voice was coming from a man with a ratty seafood restaurant shirt and a paint splattered work hat.

I ignored the person and drearily gazed at the slowly turning taquitos under the heat lamp.

Ha ha! I told that asshole if he aint gonna move that boat…He better get ready to drive me to the Circle K! I need some damn beer!

I glanced over at the clerk and the other people betrothen to the line. They all seemed happy and even nodded and added in a That’s right! Not a person seemed thrown off by the idea that some guy just randomly decided to include them in his story time.

This is all perfectly normal for anyone living around my resort. Back in my neighborhood in O-Town, anyone who suddenly begins speaking to you in a line is more than likely suffering from a mental illness. Thus, I had to resist the urges I was getting to get out of the line and then to run to blend in with the products around the household product aisle.

So after pumping gas, I had to just sit for a moment and reflect that I am back. Back to the place that I have tried to escape from for years.

We Are Always Watching You!

I remember the awful day. The day that my sponsor decided to open a new shop in prosperous Cocoa Beach. We were all told to attend the mandatory meeting and then they began to split us up.

Steve, you are going to the Cocoa Beach shop and you can kiss your loved ones goodbye! Gather your belongings because we are shipping you out!

Not back to Cocoa Beach! I just got on the Satellite Beach shop team and I was enjoying the powerful waves and mellow crowd.

This was one of many attempts to escape Cocoa Beach and like the rest of my attempts; they all would end up failing.


It was cool out and the parking lot only had a few cars. I pulled out my equipment and then began to launch into a series of stretches. Suddenly, I see a middle-aged guy feverishly peddling towards me from far across the parking lot on a bike made for a pre-teen boy.

At first I doubted he was heading my way but that quickly changed.

Whats up bro! He had an ear to ear grin. Are you doing yoga?

I wanted to tell him no but he already saw me.

Show me some moves!

The whole time I kept waiting for some kind of catch. A pitch to lend him money. A pitch to join his cult. Something.

As I waited for him to come to change his tune; he began to do some toe touches and jumping jacks.

All limbered up! Lets go!

So I began to show him the stretches and poses.

When I was done, he turned and gave me a big hug.

Thanks brother! That was excellent! God bless you!

He quickly jumped onto his bike and began to furiously peddle his bike across the lot. I slowly picked up my board and began to walk to the beach. All the time, trying to decipher what just happened and why.

You know what, I will probably never fit in. I feel like Rob Lowe mixing in with Wayne and Garth in Wayne’s World. But I have to face the fact that yes, Cocoa Beach…I am back!

A recreation of me with citizen of the fine town in the Circle K!

A recreation of me with citizen of the fine town in the Circle K!

Until my next escape attempt!

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Noise to Note! #104

Noise to Note!

Some songs just come in with the main hook then lead on to the chorus. After a refrain or a solo it is then straight back to the main hook, the chorus, and then it ends. Simple stuff!

Other songs are like a novel. You are brought in and like a story; the song grows in front of you. Building upon past hooks and chords.

The Killing Moon from Echo & the Bunnymen is one such song.

And this…

Death Cab for Cutie – I will Possess Your Heart.

The intro is long but it is worth the ride.

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Noise to Note! #103

Noise to Note!

When I used to play guitar a lot, I loved the feeling of having an army of effect boxes sprawled out in front of me. It was like giving an artist new paint brushes and new hues of paint.

Then I watched as the music industry modernized and watched detached sound guys control all of these aspects for the performers.

Thankfully, I ran across this video featuring the return of Ride.  They are back and armed with a rack of every effect pedal you could want!

Ride – Seagull.

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Scribbled – More From the Lost Era

Wave...Meet young a-hole!

Wave…Meet young a-hole!

One of my fellow bloggers wrote a story about her disdain for those obnoxious kids that one can encounter at the beach. If you surf, you know the ones. In a pack. Loud. Trying to back paddle you. The top-notch kind of kid that causes you to scour the beach hoping that they came out minus a parent so you can tie them to the beach access crossing with their leg rope.

As I read the tale she wrote, it made me chuckle. Why? Because I was that little jerk.

If you have read enough of my blog, you would know that I was not a young Charles Manson my whole life. In fact, as a kid I was down right friendly. The problem was that I was growing and collecting baggage at a rapid pace.

By the time I reached Florida, I had all of the cards dealt to morph into a teenage monster. I was growing in size and had established a pattern of being friends with some kids who were not as stellar as my other friends from Ewa Beach. So my father devised a plan that would save the family some headache and we would all live happily ever after.

Well, one thing my father did not take into consideration was asking if the neighborhood was filled with kids who were a few notches short of being social deviants. He also did not factor in that a kid from Hawaii who was dreaming of a famous surfer might become a bit pissed off if you moved 5o minutes from the beach and the kid would then be at the mercy of car pooling to go surfing.

What happened next was really a no-brainer. Pissed off kid begins to hang out with a small herd of young derelicts and quickly changed from happy kid to angry menace.

God Bless Parents

I have to hand it to my father. Being a former surfer himself, he must have really wanted to kick me in the groin for being such a tool but instead he let some things slide. For example, what are these objects behind me in the photos? Pops cleverly tried to disguise the facts that I was an extremely ill-mannered youth.



Dear random surfing guy…Sorry for this!

However, when surfing with angry kids, you should paddle with conviction so the terror does not get to his feet while you are trying to figure out which way to go.

-Dad! You were supposed to zoom in and crop these people out of the photo! Geeeeeez!

Breaking the Law!

Surfing in the prehistoric days was no joke. There was always a few of those nice seasoned surfers that did not mind removing the fins from a kids board if they were out of line. So I had a few gentleman explain to me that if it was not for their like of my father; There was a trash can on the beach that I would have been stuffed in.

On the flip side, I have other warm and fuzzy memories of a few standard surfers out to enjoy their well earned time off by getting in a quick surf session.  Sadly, they made the wrong choice of questioning me about my aquatic antics while I was with a group of my fellow angry teens. This lead to them being surrounded by a mob of surfing hyenas and I remember them fleeing the water with us not far behind yelling obscenities.

But as explained in my previous post, I grew tired of the drama and decided to cut my tangled kelp-mess that covered my head and became a much friendlier presence in the water. Or…I just learned to sit farther out and now I only catch the best waves!

Less hair is less anger!

Less hair is less anger!

See what a good haircut can do for you!

Give Peace a Chance!

Ha ha! Well, truth be told, there were a lot more years of hi-jinx and crazy surf trips. Going to punk shows, clubs, and concerts. However, the drops in stopped and so did the awful pictures from that short downturn. I learned to smile and to be a more positive person. Getting more positive people in my camp helped too. When you surround yourself with people who are trouble; you are inviting trouble into your life.

That is how I changed from a life of scribbling to learning to create a picture.

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Noise to Note! #102

Noise to Note!

ABC had a lot of great pieces in place to rule the 1980s. A singer with a distinctive voice. Great songs and musicianship. But at some point, line up changes and other factors caused the demise of the original band.

Thankfully, the band has been playing some gigs and Martin Frye sounds great as ever.

ABC – All of my Heart from the iconic album, Lexicon of Love.

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