Imagine Game



Welcome to my game!

First, put yourself in one of those cubicles. Personally, my favorite is the first one in row #2. Man, they really added some personal flair to that one!

Now that you have taken your seat, you are now amongst your co-workers. Maybe you want to imagine further that these cubicles are not just workers, they are your business. You own a restaurant or a hotel for example, and each cubicle is another hotel or restaurant in your area. You get the picture.

So now all of you have been given your Standard Operating Procedures rule book and you know the script for what is wanted. To input data. To answer phone calls from clients. Every day you are working as well as your co-workers. Today, I did my job! They all did their job as well. You checked the boxes and filled in the forms. You met industry standards.


For this game, it is now time to get promoted. In other words to move up the ladder. Move forward. For a business, a promotion means a change of status amongst the consumers. Now instead of one being the norm with all of the others, this store is going to become the star. What will make one of these fine folks rise up?

So it is your time to shine. Now comes the question which is what have you done?

You see, most of the people sitting in those boxes have just done their job.

Very few are working AT their job. They will be the ones who move forward and the others will be left behind in the environment they really love. An environment where nothing changes.


In our society, there are millions of mechanics. We can take our car to the guy down the street or we can visit one of a million shops that offer the same experience. A long, long wait stressing about how much it will cost. A separation between you and your vehicle while some person is yanking off parts. A big upsell. Threats of damage to your car and finally, a feeling of loss due to a large amount of your earnings that have departed.

Basically, no one enjoys a visit to the mechanics.

The industry is basically comprised up of those generic boxes.

What if one of those shops changed the waiting experience? Put in some computers where you waited. Then had a manager come out and take you into the bay to explain to you what they found. Then asked how much can you afford and worked something out with you. A plan to tackle the issues so you can return?

I bet you would return. With a lot of other customers.

Simple stuff…but not so simple when you are just doing your job.

Who do you Really Want to Work for?

Now it it time to conclude the simple game which can be applied to just about anything in your life. You see, a lot of businesses and employees want to work but they want to work for themselves. They make choices without thinking of the customers (external, their employees, or vendors). In fact, interacting with the customers is a nuisance to them.

This is an example:

Most resorts rely on surveys to create a guest satisfaction score. Two separate departments really depend on getting good scores to measure their success. One deals with the quality of the rooms. Yet will not focus on what happens at the entrance to the units. They leave paper and water at the entrance to the units and move on because they DID THEIR JOBS inside the rooms. Then again, the new scores come out and they are not what they want.

The guests do not know what departments do what. They just know one thing…Quality.

Now if every employee tackled problems across the board then the resort would be considered a quality resort. This is how Disney operates and other companies that churn out a quality product.

So now you have to think of yourself. Are you just another person filling up a cubicle?

Just doing your job?





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Noise to Note! #115

Noise to Note!

The early goth and Industrial videos were sometimes a wee bit over the top in dramatics and cheesy wardrobe.

Not that this would classify.

Sisters of Mercy – Dominion

Why not go for two!

I also think this was a disruptive day in the factory.

Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia, My Reflection

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Cutting Back -Avoid the Bog.


The Correct Way!

As a coach and a former pro surfer, I find myself watching a lot of posted videos and checking out photos of surfers on various websites. Some are young upcoming kids, some are people on trips, and others are videos of the top guys at some exotic locale. With a lot of these surfers, some flaws pop out right off the bat and you can see how a few minor mistakes lead to blown turns and the surfer having an incomplete ride. You also can watch a surfer ride a very user friendly wave and yet seem to lack flow. The ride is more of a long fight with the wave to reach the end instead of a seemingly effortless task.

If I had to pick one maneuver that can single out if a surfer is average or an advanced surfer; in my opinion it would be the cutback. The ironic thing is that a great cutback is vital to a great surfer yet it is not scored as a big maneuver in a contest. Yet lacking this skill puts a would be decent surfer in the doghouse.

So in my top picture I will break down what my 14 year old self is doing correctly. First off, my head is already spotting where on the foam to bounce my board off of. The head leads the way and then the body follows. Another important thing to do is to swing your trailing arm forward as you turn. Imagine you are escorting someone through a doorway. That is the motion to use. Finally, you should keep your back knee loose and cocked towards your forward knee.



On this day in the second picture, my sister was taking pictures and I did get a few good shots from this day. Beyond the poor picture quality, this turn helped to cement this photo as a dud. This photo was the result of me amping out and losing the script.

What went wrong?

First, judging from the track along the face; I was not high enough on the face. In fact, just a snapping turn would have suited this wave better. In order to make it work, I would have had to go higher and ease off the gas.

Secondly, notice my back foot? This is because my weight shifted forward and I lost my board being on rail. I could have solved this by once again putting my weight on my back foot and by keeping my weight on my heels while keeping my knee loose.

So I am trying to look towards the whitewater but my poor upper body positioning is robbing me of any momentum. My back arm should have been far forward by this point and not far back behind me. My shoulders at this point should have been more horizontal like a T and my chest should have been more open and facing the foam. A lot of the problems are centered around my last minute decision to try to spice up my turn by sticking my leading hand in the water.

So, as you take to the surf to practice doing cutbacks, work on the basics. The most important being to turn your head far in advance. If you can, practice Yoga. Yoga teaches many things that are related to proper body mechanics. You learn to keep the knees loose and to twist at the hips and not through the torso. Doing cutbacks involves a lot of these techniques. Having a limber, low approach will help you in many aspects of surfing.

Here is another link from way back in 2011 when I first wrote about this very subject. This also has a few other tidbits in it as well.

Good luck and once again, if you have any questions about things that are plaguing you in the water…let me know!

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Noise to Note! #114

I will make no attempt to deny it…

I love The Who.

I think Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy was a ground breaking album.

Along with Who is Next, Quadrophinia, and Tommy.

So when I began to search out who my next musical act was going to be; The Who came up time and time again.

Then came what song to use…

Every early video I watched was the same for the most part. The videos featured the band mocking the act of lip-syncing and Keith Moon playing out of time against the previously recorded soundtrack. Finally, I just chose this one because they are playing to a group of fans and boaters and not trying at all to follow the music. Like really putting zero effort into it.

Classic Stuff.

The Who – The Kids are Alright

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Hotels Explained – Lost and Found


I Have Lost It!

Every hotel is different. So I will not go into specifics. But just from eyeing the pictures and reading a few lines, anyone can put together a basic idea about your items that are misplaced.

In our hotel, we get a wide assortment of items that are lost and many people calling about their property. In between this, we have a small amount of items that are shipped out to their owners.

First off, many items are not lost by the person who first registered when they came in. In this age of divorce and blended families, not everyone in the room shares a common surname. So when Mary Smith loses something in the resort that is registered under Charlie Walker, we have no way to contact the guest. We also run under the assumption that the person just wanted to save some money on baggage and left their items. So we pack it up and keep it in a storage area.

Imagine getting bags and bags of items daily and one storage area. So space is at a premium. This means that at some point the items have to go! Some items are claimed by the employees and some just get placed out for people to rummage through. Others get donated to partners in the Non-Profit Sector.

With this in mind, time should not be taken lightly. I have had some wishy-washy calls in which the former guest explained that they visited 8 months ago and they are wondering if we still had their shoes. Sorry but those shoes checked out 7 months ago!

I also had a former guest call and ask if we found a car key last year. Why did they wait so long? Because they had a spare but decided to get a new one and were shocked by the price and now felt it was important to call the places that they visited.

Poor move!

What Should You Do?

  • Contact the hotel as soon as possible!
  • Be specific. Where you think the item was. The brand name. The size and color. Anything that can differentiate your item from others that are similar. We have people asking for goggles that are blue when in the summer we get a bucket full of blue goggles a month.
  • Understand that it may time to find the item if it was not mistakenly thrown out.

Theft and Perspective

I do realize that not every employee is honest but in a reputable business most of the employees are. They know that they can claim an item and see it a while later. So I had to chuckle when a lady said something like:

This dress is a Betsy Johnson dress and I am sure the ladies took it!

Most of our staff is comprised of ladies over 50. Most are from South America and they would only notice a dress that did not fit them. The team sees lots of clothes. Sometimes unclaimed property that is put out sits for days…Gap, Armani, etc. The team just has no use for them nor the time to collect tons of clothes for a garage sale that will probably never happen. If it can not fit an immediate family member…it sits until it is bagged up and donated.


The items in bags on the floor were being divided up to the employees who claim them so the room is normally not that messy! Ha ha!


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Magical Mystery Tour

Some people like professional surfing. Some great surfers spent countless hours growing up to the sound of the commentator and under a scaffold set up along a beach.

Then there is me.

Once I decided to surf contests, not only did I take up residence with my fellow groms; but I also became immersed in the world of pro surfing. My weekends were spent traveling to contests, attending competitors meetings, surfing, and doing what they would let me do.

Here are a few photos:


Dick Catri speaking to the competitors at the Sundek Classic. To his left is John Holeman. John invented our modern style of aerial surfing. To his right is John Griffin.


Some of the competitors. The guy in the green shirt is Tim Gilley. Tim was one of the first surfers from North Central Florida that had international contest success in the 1980s.


In this photo there is Wes Laine mixed in amongst the competitors. He is the tallest guy. Wes was an international pro from Virginia Beach.


My father, Frank Zima, commentating at the Sundek Classic.


My father and I on the stage watching the event. No matter how cool they might be, it seems that I could never get the pith helmet fad to catch on.

Alas, it is the weekend and work is calling. I also have to churn out a post for Noise to Note! Let us multi-task!

Surf tour. Magical surf tour. Mystery tour.

The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour!!

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Noise to Note! #112

Noise to Note!


Donovan in my book has always been a bit underrated. When people speak about great contributors to the 1960s music scene; names such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones come up fast. But artists such as Donovan are lost in the shuffle.

This duet with Crystal Gayle might highlight why he should spring to mind fairly quickly.

Donovan and Crystal Gayle – Catch the Wind.













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