Noise to Note! #101

Noise to Note!

It is the weekend! Relax! Refocus. You can even hike through a scene that looks like an album cover from Yes!

To help you wash away the distortion from work; I present MaLuca – Everything You Do.

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Legacy of Stoke – My Review


Throughout my life, there has been one constant and that is the ocean.

As a toddler, my father would drive us out to Waianae or we would play along the shores of Ewa Beach. During the winter months, my family would load up in the car and I would run along the shoreline as men in jerseys strolled past me getting ready for their heats in the Duke Contest.

Years later, the bus would plod along Ft. Weaver road. I would grip my books and scan to see how big the lines of whitewater were breaking out on the reefs.

Now I do not live as close but I have always used my location as a way to surf the best spots. If the swell is not good up north of Cape Canaveral, I head to more protected spots south of the cape. This relationship has always worked. Well, until the past few years.

These days I seem to be suffering from the same syndrome that is plaguing Kelly Slater. A disconnect from mother ocean. For us, we have seen so many magic tricks from Kelly that this season we watch in disbelief as the clock runs out and the magic ten point ride never happens. A lot of times nothing comes at all! We just watch 3 minutes run off the clock with Kelly wondering why the sea has turned a blind eye to him.

On my end, it seems to be the same out of sync feeling. Flat days on my day out of work. Doctors appointments and family visits on the decent days coupled with added work hours and emergency meetings. All have affected my flow and even have thrown off my posting on my blog.

Ebb and Flow

I really enjoyed reading The Legacy of Stoke.

The surfers are completely different. They were introduced into surfing through various ways and for various reasons. Many have used surfing as a way to get beyond some major struggles.

My story in print.

My story in print.

I am biased towards surfing. It would be easy to say the book is all about how surfing will magically transform even the most shoddy life and how surfing will lead one to a major awakening.

Sadly, I know far to many surfers who are struggling with addictions or whom have had other issues that made them turn their backs on the ocean and surfing.

To me, Legacy of Stoke, on the surface is a story about the magic of surfing. But the more important theme that runs through the book like a current is about finding a passion and committing to it.  Even through the ups and downs of life. Through the rise and falls of the tides. Through the sun rises and sunsets. We will always have ups and downs and we may feel out of sync but things will turn around if you approach life with passion. In fact, having a feeling of stoke will help you forge through the times when things are not working out instead of dwelling on the negativity.

That is why it is important to share this joy. By sharing your passion with someone else in a physical way such as being a mentor seems to be the obvious way. However, not everyone in the book took others out and taught them to surf. Their stories alone can have the power of helping.

We live in a world where friends sit 5 feet from each other and barely break their gaze from their computers and hand-held devices. Being engaged and passionate is needed now more than ever.

Finally, after reading Legacy of Stoke and reflecting on the content; I also came away with this. Two of the authors were professional surfers. Both have traveled the world and experienced many different kinds of waves. Yet, everyone featured has a passion for surfing.

Finding Stoke

Some days I paddle out and the waves are up to my knees. Even though it is twenty-five feet less than the biggest waves that I have tackled; I still  enjoy myself. Not everyone is going to be an elite level participant. This should not diminish the importance of a persons experience.

Whether your goal is to be singing at a local bar or to be a better parent; one does not have to be an expert to enjoy the experience. Sure it is nice to go to Disney with the family but the reality is your child just wants you to be there. Even if it is playing a board game at home. Just as a surf at the closest beach is just as satisfying as a surf trip to Kirra.

And that is also why I believe that both myself and Kelly Slater will get our mojo back. Our positive attitude will get us beyond our lows until things flow in another direction.

As for Legacy of Stoke, pick up a copy from Amazon and get engaged.

And…I also still give surfing lessons!

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Noise to Note! #100

Noise to Note!

My last entry it seemed featured an intro that was startling. So for this week, we will go a bit slower.

Gary Jules – Mad World.

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Noise to Note! #99

Noise to Note!

Getting close to 100!

Funny how some big bands love more obscure bands and pay homage to them and the industry refuses to bite.

Guns and Roses were crazy about T.S.O.L. and frequently wore T.S.O.L. shirts in their vids.

Nirvana and The Meat Puppets had that same special bond.

The Meat Puppets – Violet Eyes.

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Four Years


Photo of the wonderful Louro José via Mais Voce!

Yesterday I opened WordPress and saw a notification. I opened it and saw a message from WordPress which congratulated me on 4 years with this blog. Seeing this written out kind of put me in shock to be honest.

6 years ago, things were going great for me. I had a job that was like gold to me and I was coasting towards retirement. Then at some point, there was a hostile take over of the company and the board. This started a huge ripple effect that would eventually lead to a early morning in which I was asked to ride with one of my managers to Human Resources which was not uncommon because we did work in the building. However, on this day at 6:45 a.m., the parking lot was bustling. I knew something bad was on the way.

By the time this day happened, I had met my now fiance and my father had passed on leaving me with a 4 bedroom house inland of the coast. After the shock wore off, I became confident that in no time I would be at a new place of employment. I had made countless friends who had moved on and I always did well in the interviews. So I started a new routine. I surfed and I filled out applications for work. Lots of surfing! Lots and lots of countless applications.

For a while, things were not bad. I was getting interviews but for some reason another candidate was chosen. Sometimes I would get 6 interviews in one company! I would lay out my plan and the management team would gush about how much they like my ideas and enthusiasm; then they would not call back.

Then reality started to hit me. With every bill paid, I watched my nest egg dwindle. For the first time in ages, I began to feel desperate. I had to do something!

Then one day after spending hours researching and updating my resume for the 30th time, I wrote out a list that I wanted to use to guide me to happiness. Even if it found me living in a tent. I wanted to help people be better off and I wanted to write again. During my research, I found a place offering screening for free to help improve your interview skills and to critique your job search skills.

I arrived in the office and went back and began to lay out my pitch to the counselor. Finally, he leaned back in his chair and told me…Well, everything looks good. I would hire you! It is the economy. Just wait.


I left the office dejected. On the way out, I saw a sign looking for volunteers. Why not? I might as well do something to make myself feel useful.

That moment led to me volunteering for over 2 years at Christian Help. During this time, I helped people with low computer skills navigate the maze of the hiring process that we face today. At first, I was only volunteering but after I found employment, I would volunteer in the morning before work which I got out at 1 a.m. A very tiring day but worth the experience and knowing I was helping people change their lives for the better by getting back into the workforce.

The other thing on the list was to write again.

Thus, this blog was born. Born to rescue me from a pit of despair.

Sometimes this blog was written after a day at the beach in which I was so grateful to be in the water. On many other occasions, the stories were written to not only help my readers but they were also written so I could feel positive enough to get through the low periods.

Happy Birthday to The Side Wedge! It has been a long, tough 4 years and hopefully the future will bring brighter opportunities.

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Noise to Note! #98

Noise to Note!

My son and I share a love of music.

I love the kids of today. They listen to music of their generation…Only not realizing that this is recycled from my generation. Ride, Blur, Slowdive and the other shoegazers.

And we recycled it from the late 1960s.

Washed Out – Don’t Give Up

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Legacy of Stoke


Legacy of Stoke is a collection of stories about the men and women who shared their love of the ocean with us. It is a campfire built in the sand where we revel in the tales of the people we have taught to surf and those who have taught us.

Volume One includes stories by Austin Ware, Charlie Paradise, Froza Kaluhiokalani, Karen Shatafian, Katherine Hall, Kim Byrne, Klaude Kimura, Rebecca Heller, Richard Prause, Shane Lasby, Steven Zima and Vail Duggan.

The Back Story

A while back, I stumbled upon an opportunity to write about my life story for a book. Is it the defining story? The reality is that the story is a short glimpse into certain segments of my past. It is like visiting Epcot and deciding if you have traveled the world. You are only getting tiny slices of the story to form a greater narrative.

However, the story skims over my childhood and my poor physical shape, the great guy, Lou Bell, who got me into surfing and my later ventures into competition surfing. It speaks of my father and his help and my almost near-fatal bout with meningitis that left me out of the water and daily life for a while.

Legacy of Stoke is now on Amazon and I am actually looking forward to sitting down and reading the stories shared by the other surfers.



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