Noise to Note! #91

Industrial is another genre of music that is hard to pin down. It seems to have formed within performance art and experiments from Frank Zappa and Lou Reed. Later, Throbbing Gristle emerged as one of the first actual bands that took up the experiment on a full-time basis.

Perhaps one of the most influential acts in the United Scene was Ministry. Their first album was a synth-pop driven affair but then came Twitch. Twitch brought Industrial a few steps forward out of the shadows.

Here is a track from the album. Enjoy the madness!

Ministry – Just Like You

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From the Scrapbook #5

I had a layback for just any situation.

I had a layback for any situation

Every once in a while, I was treated to something special. I would run across Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Mark Lydell, Louie Ferreria, and Vince Klyne. It seemed that every wave had some sort of layback being performed. I had to follow suit!

Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet

A ride during a surf contest. Thus, the lack of people and the photographer.


Today: Air to reverse section

The Past: Backside floater section


My friend Tim Kovats created this artwork on my board bag. Best board bag I ever had! Thanks Timmy!


Watch out! Even when on the dock they can spring to life! Ha ha!

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Noise to Note! #90

Imagine if there were five bands with the name Led Zeppelin. One was a country band and the other was a metal band. Getting tickets to a show would be a nightmare if you did not do your research and a bit shocking if you were expecting the original and then a guy came out and started playing honky tonk. Thankfully this is not the case for Led Zep but for Mono it is.

There is an Indie Rock version and even a Japanese band named Mono. My favorite is the original and now defunct version. The trip hop band fronted by Siobhan de Mare.

Mono – Life in Mono

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When the water is cold; surfing becomes more of a chore. You have to slap on the wetsuit and having to endure countless lines of churning white water becomes a headache.

We seek out the most protected spots.

Sometimes we do not even paddle out at all.

But summer changes that.

The most awful days become our playground.

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Forum Surf Party from The Boardheads!

Forum Surf Party from The Boardheads!

These are just some odds and ends I found. Most are extremely poor quality but you can see what I am doing. Some were printed from something else and given to me.

Group photo from forum party. I am off to the right.

Group photo from forum party. I am off to the right.



The 2 items above are from forum parties for 2ndlight. They also prove that I like backside 360s!

Tchau amigos!

And thanks to Jim and Doreen for taking some of these photos!

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The Rise, Downfall, and Dumb Mistakes of Zim, Finn, and Shim – Part 3!

Party Time! Excellent!

So I wrote in the last installment, Zim, Finn, and Shim were hitting a bit of a snag because the trio had whittled down to just uno. The lone writer (me), was beginning to burn out but really wanted to keep going. So one day I just decided that I had to return to writing and go full bore!


In our current age, we are all aware of internet trolls. They visit even the most mundane websites and attack others from behind a fake profile. Some are actually harmless and funny and some are done to mock something the creator dislikes. But we can agree that for the most part; trolls are a pain in the butt.

As I began to read through my old copy of the Surfer Magazine, I instantly noticed something odd.


The first thing I noticed was a letter from Zim, Finn, and Shim announcing our return. Of course I also had to put in a dig at Mr. Novak…sorry Walt! Then I noticed something else. As I began to thumb through the letters; I saw that many were also written by me. Some were written about the articles. Some were positive and some were negative. All written under different aliases that I created. Like the first letter.

All written out to manipulate the outcome of the letters that the readers would sift through to high-light the Zim, Finn, and Shim posts.


I have a few fatal flaws and one is that I sometimes am too loyal. There are times when you have to think about yourself and bail out! But there I stand. Alone on the deck of the vessel while the captain and crew are rowing off to safety.

The fine folks at Bullfrog Suncare Products held a contest for the Story of the Year so I entered that as well. Imagine my excitement when I won! Now imagine my excitement many years later when I realized that I won a printed advertisement and won as Zim, Finn, and Shim instead of as myself.



Flat Line

As before, our triumphant return quickly became me working at a frenzied pace for a few more issues to be printed and then just finally chucking in the towel. The trio had become history. As for my writing, it too also died. Only to be resurrected occasionally to write sappy letters to ex-girlfriends or to create Please Come Back! letters after I did something wrong. At work, I was also the chosen one to write boring training manuals and mundane PowerPoint presentations.

Thanks to this blog though; I am back to writing. The passion is back and in a small way; Zim, Finn, and Shim will not be forgotten.

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The Rise, Downfall, and Dumb Mistakes of Zim, Finn, and Shim – Part duh.

Looking somewhat cool at the Surf Expo with Charley Baldwin of CB Surfboards.

Looking somewhat cool at the Surf Expo with Charley Baldwin of CB Surfboards.

Off and Running

After our initial success, we began to write more letters. We would meet up and find a topic and then insert odd beatnik inspired lingo; painting a picture that we were like the kids from Scooby-Doo. Driving around in a van and having odd experiences in the surf.

Over time, the dynamics of things began to shift. Joe was eying a move to Hawaii and I really do not think writing was his bag anyway. So things shifted over to Tim and I to create our short works of prose.

The Surf Expo

The Surf Expo is a convention that happens several times a year in Orlando and it draws all of the major surfing companies and the circus that comes with it to check out the newest lines. Thanks to my sponsors, I was able to get the whole gang in. Once inside, we got the brilliant idea to flip our badges inside out and to scribble Zim, Finn, and Shim on our badges. To our surprise, people had read our letters and people actually spoke to us about them. What cool cats we were! We were list F-List celebrities!

Mr. Walt Novak

I have never met Mr. Novak. Now, I have figured out that he is the father of North Shore surfer, Flynn Novak and he likes to write letters to the editor as much as we do. Maybe even more since I have seen him write letters to The University of Hawaii and to the paper in Honolulu. He even wrote a book so writing must consume his passions.  But way back then, we wanted to see our names over and over and frowned when once again the editors chuckled at another of Walt’s responses. This guy was a major thorn in our sides! But he was also the fuel to our fire.

So the letters continued. But now, after months of writing, Tim began to realize that there were other things out there…Things like women and parties. So I soon found myself trying to keep the magic alive.

During this period, I stopped writing myself. What could I do to continue this?

I too began to lose myself in the fun. But there in the back of my mind was the lingering question.

Spring Cleaning

Recently, I was involved in yet another poor attempt at cleaning the house when I found some boxes under my bed. As I dug through one box, a magazine appeared and I knew instantly why it was separated from the millions of others I own.  I started to thumb through it.

It was like a blanket had been pulled off an old forgotten toy. There was the answers to what I did and I how it went wrong. I grimaced from my stupid move but I had to shake my head and laugh as well.

The grand finale is on the way!

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